2022 already!

I don’t know how your year started, but it’s full throttle here, straight from the get go. 
The Devil You Know is doing well. Lots of great reviews on review sites. Great reactions from readers, so looking good. I entered the book in the London Book Fair’s Selfie award, and now I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 
Today I sent in my application to a second film site. I’d love to see it on the screen, and actually believe that it would be very adaptable for either a film or a TV series. 
Time will tell.
In the meantime I’m busy writing book 2. A lot is going to happen in the sequel to The Devil, so watch this space for more information on, titles, covers and expected launch dates. 
I’m also contemplating writing books in a different genre under a pen name. You know what the most difficult part is? thinking up a pen name. Monique Singleton is my own name, so that was a no-brainer. Finding another one is quite a chore. Not that I’m surprised, I always have a lot of bother finding names for characters in my books. I usually research names in the country the story takes place in, and combine popular first- and surnames. Or I look at the credits of films and get inspiration there. 
I’ll keep you all up to date on the progress. 
In the meantime, here are some great special offers from friends. 



Kaylyn Anderson’s fascination with abandoned places and dark creatures kindled her work as a paranormal investigator. But when dreams begin to distort reality, she questions what is real and pulls away from everyone she trusts. The opportunity to investigate the Teague Hotel–a long-abandoned landmark that has always piqued her curiosity–provides a chance to redeem herself. Unraveling the hotel’s secrets won’t be easy, but Kaylyn soon finds herself the target of a dark entity that has been trapped in the building for decades.
If Kaylyn stands any chance of defeating the spirit, she’ll have to accept that her fears are real and convince fellow investigators that she hasn’t lost her mind.



A crown woven together by lies. A kingdom with the power to unravel them.

Four Reaches. Four brides. Only a fortnight separates the young women from becoming reluctant queens of the usurper king, Eoghan Rhiagain.

Twenty years earlier, King Eoghan’s father cunningly devised marriages between the highborn sons and daughters of the oft-warring Reaches, sealing the unions before they could protest, shattering existing betrothals in place of forced alliances.

Now, Eoghan, the cruel boy king who stole his crown through murder, demands the eldest daughters of these unions. To accept is unfathomable. To refuse is treason.

The lords and ladies of the kingdom have no choice but to prepare their beloved daughters for the horrors ahead. But they’ll soon discover there are no longer any daughters left to present. All four have disappeared, painting the world with their rebellion.



Angels will die defending me, demons will kill to have me, gods want to keep me in check, and I will defy them all.

My name is Chase Ambrose, and a wild night in Amsterdam ended with me waking up in a New York hospital a year later. Waking up sounds like a good thing, I know, but my awakening presaged the end of my carefree days. Turns out, the supernatural world is real, and it’s after me.

The question is, why?
It’s pointless to wait for a storm to pass when you’re in the middle of monsoon season, being stalked by things you previously discounted as fantasy. So, to protect the ones I love, I’m going to dance in the rain and bring down the house.
I may not be ready for this world, but I promise you, it isn’t ready for me…



She never expected her savior to fall from the sky.
For countless years, Lycia Aloril prayed for the gods to send her a savior. Cursed to be coveted for her magical blood, escaping Fallovax would guarantee her death but staying means eternal torment. But when a roguish mage crashes through her forest, she seizes the chance to break her curses and escape her captor.

Orin Tyrea has other plans. He’s no savior, but an assassin of the emperor of Arreth. When a battle takes a wrong turn, he escapes within an inch of his life. Injured, his magick fails him mid-teleport and he crashes right into Lycia’s path.

Learning the truth of Lycia’s curses, Orin is torn between the pity he feels for the strange woman and his loyalty to his benefactor. For acquiring her magical blood for the emperor means one thing: having the power to kill a god.



Want vampires that aren’t still in high school?
This fast-paced, action-packed urban fantasy series is the perfect escape.
An ordinary girl is thrust into the extraordinary when she meets a mysterious stranger and finds her life is not as it seems. With love, friends, and family at stake will she fulfill her destiny?

Sapphire: England is my home, and home to the Pennines – hills rooted deep in myth and legend. And that’s all I ever believed it was… until I met him. Now I know vampires, werewolves, witches, and warlocks walk amongst humans. The Pennine Prophecies dictate the fate of the supernatural world. A world that is under threat by an ancient evil who will stop at nothing to satisfy his bloodlust. If it comes to laying down my life for the people I love, I know what my choice will be. They’re the reason I wake up each day. The reason I continue to fight, the reason I refuse to give up. The reason I have to tell you my story. 

The Primal Series is complete. Immerse yourself in this fantastic Urban Fantasy series. Click on the image above to buy the first book in this thrilling series
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