Best e-book deals for 2021!
We’re nearing the end of the year. Just a few weeks to go and then it will be 2022. What will that year bring? Hopefully life back to relative normality.
I never thought I would look forward to normal. I’m not a real “normal” kind of girl. Things here are always… well… different. 
That makes life interesting. 
But the past two years have been too different, even for me. Like so many of us, I’m looking forward to a life without the pandemic. 
Tomorrow we were supposed to go to England for our traditional Christmas Shopping trip. It has been cancelled due to the new Omicron variant and the UK travel restrictions. We are disappointed. 
Then I think of how trivial that is compared to all the people who have suffered through Covid, and I put it all back into perspective. 
But we do need some distraction. Something to look forward to, and that is Christmas. 
I hope the holiday season brings a ray of sunlight to you and your loved ones. 
And let’s go out with a bang shall we, with some great book deals.
The Devil You Know is still 99 cents, till the end of the month. So get your copy quickly. Time is running out. 
And to top it all off, Assassin’s Choice will be 99 cents from the 18th till the 30th of December. 
Get yourself some books to read, huddle under the covers and enjoy the long winter nights. (unless you live on the Southern Hemisphere, then enjoy the balmy summer nights)

Okay, enough about my books. How about some great offers from friends? 



A Secret. A Revelation. A Shifter.

Veterinarian Evie Blake never expected a rogue cougar to turn her life upside down. With the exposure of the shifter species and her boss’s cruel exploitation of them, her dreams are crumbling around her.

She chooses to help the sexy shifter claiming to be her mate, but her past resurfaces, forcing her to face an unbearable truth. One that could destroy the Cougar lair.

Will Evie save the cougars and herself, or is her future ruled by a monster?


Blasphemy… abomination… disgrace…
I’ve heard these words my entire life, and never believed I would ever be allowed to find my other half. The Trials are your one shot every twenty five years to find your forever. Here’s the kicker, a female Nephilim isn’t allowed to revel her wings till the trials. Do you know what its like to have wings and not be allowed to fly or expose them? It absolutely sucks.

When the moment finally arrives and I get my card guess who ends up in my life? An Archangel, and Angel, a Nephilim that can’t talk and the son of Death himself. Dark Nephilim hate everyone and Cyrus doesn’t make loving him easy.
New bonds are tested when one of my guys is abducted and taken to hell. We’re in a race against time to save him and me in the process. My true lineage is laid out before me and I’m shook.

The path before me is perilous and I may not survive it. But, I have to try. Love is the only thing worth fighting for.



My fated mate will rue the day he broke my heart and sent his henchmen to abduct me…
After being betrayed and rejected by my soulmate, I’m destined to spend another Christmas alone. I didn’t think things could get any worse, but then three dangerous shifters storm the club and drag me into the wilderness. They claim the world is ending and my only chance of survival lies with them.
I should be terrified of their glowing eyes and the way they destroy any threat in our path. But all I can think about is claiming the monsters as my own.

One problem.

My ex has threatened to eviscerate any man who touches me. Good thing the deadly beast isn’t here. Revenge has never tasted so sweet…






Join the Elven Prince on an adventure to take the Oracle’s treasure to The Fire Keepers.
A journey that will take him through unknown lands outside of his safely guarded kingdom.
The realm, full of mischief and magic surrounding every living creature, will surprise you.
Follow along on his trek that will take you beyond your dreams to a place that amazes at every turn. Magic and myth will surround you, pushing the boundaries of what could be reality, and what is fantastical but still no less real. The Elven Prince is ready for his epic adventure.
Are you?



When the gods turn bad…demons come out to play.

I’m Autumn: the powerful reaper of both gods and demons. But how can I resist their wicked beauty? Now Loki, Hades, and my gorgeous demon, Oni, are mine. Yet the end of the world is coming, Ragnarök.
There are monsters and secrets lurking in the underworld.
Ra — tall, blond, and perfect — is my Soul Bond and phoenix. My hot shifter lovers are battling to survive. But it’s Ra, my sorcerer Sun God, who may be the greatest danger to the realms, and it’s like having the Soul torn from me.
When my protector becomes the threat, it’s my enemy who steps up to defend me.
Can I save my lovers? They’re the en
emy, royalty, friend, bonded, and second chance. They’re my obsession and secret protectors. Yet what if everything I thought I knew…is a lie?

When the gods are rebels, the demons are wicked, and the shifters are savage, it’s lucky that I love bad boys



I was born to be alpha. They were born to be mine.

Jade Hollow wants more. More than a life as an Alpha’s female. More than spending forever in Starfall Creek. She wants to rule the pack. Reverie Jacob’s life is as normal as it gets… until he witnesses something he shouldn’t and finds himself in the middle of his wildest dreams. His friend is a wolf… The hottest girl he’s ever seen seems to be into him… Two very unimaginable, but real things.

Dustin Blackridge has been waiting his whole life to be the Alpha of the Hollow Pack—after all, he’s been in love with Jade since they were kids. Nothing and no one will stop him from getting what he wants. When a pain in the ass human shows up on Hollow’s ground and threatens to ruin everything, Dustin needs to handle it. And quickly. Dustin must decide where his loyalties lie… with Jade or with his pack. Will unexpected love get in the way of what they want?



“I suggest you focus your considerable talents and effort on finding another career path.”
From the moment those words left Agent Grant’s lips, I realized my dream of being a profiler for the F.B.I. was dead. All because I happened to come from a small town in the Midwest.

Seriously, that’s the only reason he would give me.

So I did what any sane woman with a heart full of rage and an Ivy League education would do.

Pack up what was left of my failed life and move back…

I don’t know what triggered the flags on my file, but you can sure as hell bet I will find out—even if it kills me.

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