The Primal Series



War is a natural phenomenon.
Nature’s way of dealing with overpopulation. It’s basically a Cull. War, earthquakes, floods, pestilence are her reactions to the overcrowding of this planet.

Primal Nature

How would you like to live forever. Not only that, but stay young: a hot thirty-something exotic beauty. No sagging skin, no lines -fine or other- and no aches and pains. Now wouldn’t that be the ultimate dream.

Nature of the Beast

Immortal. Powerful. Bloodthirsty.

Establishing herself as an assassin for hire, she only accepts contracts for targets who deserve to die. Her system works to keep the bloodlust at bay. Until she is hired for the grandest job yet.

The Beast Inside

Learning about her origins might mean the end of the world.

A wonderful new take on shifters, the Four Horsemen and the interaction they all have with Mother Nature.

Into The Lion’s Den

An immortal assassin. A terrorist threat. Nature under attack.


Knifes Edge

Knife’s Edge

Nature created the five of us to save this dying planet and forge a balance between mankind and nature.
Now we’re pitted against each other. War and me against Famine and Death.
I need to find the only one who can fix all this and stop the apocalypse: Primal.
But finding her might kill me


The Prophecy Series

Assissins Choice

Assassins Choice

If they realise who I am… I’m dead

To the Council, I’m their top assassin. I terminate paranormals that step out of line. I’ll head off the hit list if they ever find out who I really am and that I’m going to bring them down for killing my mother.
My next decision will send my life in a new direction… or kill me in the process.
Which will it be? Personal revenge… or save the world?

The Prophecy

The Prophecy

An age-old prophecy could be the key to ending the Paranormal Council’s reign of terror. And former Council assassin Trish is slap bang in the middle of it. With her ragtag army of shapeshifters and a mystical Shaman, she takes on the most powerful organisation in the world.


Coming soon



A monster is haunting the streets of New Orleans. It drains the life out of its victims.

As he struggles with his own demons, Detective Liam Grady joins forces with a traumatised student and a mysterious Voodoo witch doctor to stop whatever it is that holds New Orleans in its bloody grasp.

Time is of the essence.
The bodies are piling up. And it’s not even Halloween.



The Devil you know

Coming soon..

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