Into the Lion’s Den

An immortal assassin. A terrorist threat. Nature under attack.


The book continues the story of Anadi as she struggles to find the reason for who and what she is and what her role is in the protection of the planet. In her quest she encounters a group of fanatical terrorists.


Ruthless human terrorists. An immortal shifter with no choice but to kill…


Anadi is Primal, the 5th rider of the apocalypse, A true Force of Nature.

Old and new enemies unite against her as she finally comes face to face with her creator. She knew that killing Azazel wouldn’t go unpunished—her past has a habit of coming back to haunt her—but this time they’re taking hostages.

As Nature attempts to restore balance, a new Conquest has been chosen – the question is, which side of the scales will he be on?

And who will come out alive?


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