The Devil You Know. 


The great reviews keep coming in:

Great and Entertaining
The book started off already with mystery and action. It took me by surprise as the story developed and the twists and turns started being thrown into the mix. It is definitely not what you expect but that doesn’t mean that it gets any less thrilling. The variety of characters keeps you entertained as some you root for while others you just love to hate. I suggest you pick up the book and make your own conclusion to the tale. 5-star Goodreads Review

Are you sure you want to know? 
This story took me by surprise, the blurb I read when offered an Advance Reader Copy piqued my interest. However, I don’t think I was ready to be entertained on the level that this story took me to. Along with plenty of action, the investigation and subterfuge in the story made it hard to put down, additionally the characters are very well developed, and some are very easy to like while there are a few who are easy to detest. I’m really looking forward reading the next instalment in this series.  5-star Amazon Review

Good VS Evil
This book really takes you on a journey through biblical and dimensional beliefs.
It is told through the eyes of Gabriel. He must find a way to save humans and to protect their true beliefs in God.
Gabriel befriends Jonah, a fallen priest, and Ebony, a seriously smart tech wizard. Together they fight to destroy those that form the greatest risk to humanity.
A fast paced page turner. I highly recommend this book for teen to adult. 5-star Amazon Review

A Twist On The Usual
I enjoyed this story with its unique twist to the god vs angel vs the church. It stars Gabriel who is on a mission along with some friends he makes along the way. It was a blast to read, a bit violent in a good way, and made me laugh and think. It was compelling and interesting and hard to put down. I love the concept and the twists. 5-star Amazon Review

And now you can read “The Devil You Know.” 

And to top it off, I have a special VERY LIMITED special offer for you. 
Just this week, if you buy or pre-order “The Devil You Know” and send the proof of payment to me at, I will give you a copy of the never before separately published Fairy Tale retelling Snow White and the Seven Wolves for FREE!
For all purchases of The Devil You Know this week!!!!
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A funny new version of the well known Snow White fairy tale, as you have never heard it before.

Snow White and the seven wolves is a humorous RH:

Real life for Fairy Tales characters is very different from what you were led to believe in the children’s tales.
Take Snow White. There were seven Werewolves, not dwarfs. The prince was more feminine than Snow and the wicked stepmother was….well… really sweet.
This is the real story. There’s love, deceit, violence and lots of hot steamy nights.

Grab The Devil You Know for under a dollar and mail me at with your screen shot of Proof of purchase to claim your free book

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