So, how is my new book doing? 
you may ask.

 Well… …

It’s actually going well, only taking a lot longer than I hoped. But it will be finished when it’s finished, I guess. This is the first book in the new series and I want to make sure it’s exactly as I envisioned it. 

A new story is like a new journey. You have to do more research, determine how you want to approach it. Decide where you want to go to and how. It’s an adventure. 
I don’t outline my stories. I see where it’s going while the story develops. I have a general idea, but how I’m going to get there and which characters will accompany me for the whole journey is up in the air. 
That makes it interesting. For me and for the readers. But it does complicate things as I never know when I am really finished. 
Add to that the fact that I don’t necessarily write a story sequentially, just whichever chapter pops into my head, and you can imagine what a chaos it sometimes is.

This is in stark contrast to the process of launching a book.
As an author you need to know what the launch date is at least three months in advance. Hmmm. kind of a challenge when you don’t know how long it will take to finish the writing.
It takes time to set up the promotions, blog tours, advertisements and everything else needed to make the launch a success. 

I now think it will be somewhere November/December. That’s the goal.
But… Quality is still the most important criterium for the book. It has to be right. Especially with a new series. And one that I would like to promote to TV, film and streaming services.
No shortage on ambitions here, LoL.

In the meantime, here are some books for you.

Nature of the Beast, the second book in the Primal series, is now on sale for 1,99 for a short time. 

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In an instant, the world stopped. No electronics. No cell phones. No hope.

An asteroid cluster has been sighted, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s comprised of radioactive material.
As the Fall begins, atomic debris scatters the globe, pelting civilization until only ruins and anarchy is left.

40 Days.
That’s how long it’ll take for the Atomic Fall to stop… and that’s when the big one hits.
The world will never be the same, including Liam and his pregnant wife who are fighting against the clock. They have five hundred miles to cover full of anarchists, bandits, and radioactive storms.
Their final hope? Liam’s crazy prepper brother turns out to have been right all along. They’ll have to make it to the bunker that can withstand asteroid 2E’s impact and pray they have enough resources to survive the impact winter.
Start running, because the countdown starts now.



A different kind of danger arises when a romance author meets a real life Alpha shifter.

Tall, sexy, smug, confident, and covered in mouthwatering tattoos, Walt Lupinski is determined to bring his Clan out of their ‘old way is the best way’ mentality that leaves them currently in danger. He can’t afford any distractions, let alone a fated mate, to get in the way. Especially when it’s against the Good of the Clan law to be with her.
When romance author Andy Cryder discovers her fiancé fulfilling one of his secret desires with their real estate agent, she takes off, not expecting to end up stranded on a desolate mountain…or to be rescued by a group of hot men that look more cut out to be on her book covers than in her real life.
For the first time in her life, Andy feels like she belongs. That is, until their Alpha walks in. What unfolds between Andy and Walt could change everything for the better…or destroy two families for good.



Scientist Liz Meyer has to stop the manufacture of a serum that’s created a new breed of vampires. A breed different from her kind and in some ways, more deadly. She makes it her mission to find a way to reverse the effects of the serum, a serum she created. A string of mysterious murders has the police on a witch hunt to find these mutated patients. And the survivors of the coven that turned Liz will stop at nothing to eradicate the impure new vampires.But as Liz gets to know them, she wonders if this new breed is as dangerous as she’d been led to believe. 
Handsome detective Edgar shows her another side of the collective, and she begins to question her resolve. Was their creation simply a mistake to fix to protect humanity, or could there be something more to it? Liz comes up with a possible cure, a serum that will reverse the vampirism side effects for the the new breed. But with the police and other vampires closing in, she may be too late. 
Can Liz keep the peace long enough to deal with the threat of the new breed?



How Do You Race A Clock You Didn’t Know Was Ticking? One year. 365 Days. That’s how long Tyler Black needed to survive and victory would be his. As the only heir of the Black family not dead or imprisoned, the position of Keeper should have been his anyway. All he had to do to secure his rightful position was prove his worthiness to his uncle, and he would do that by acing the challenge and redeeming the family’s honour. With a set plan of action, Tyler accepted The Azure Coin from his uncle and hid it in the safest and most secured place on Earth. 
Cue in Ariana Blanc. An annoying clueless flirt that wouldn’t leave him alone. She whirled into his life like an hurricane–unwanted and unavoidable– and left his life in much the same manner. And thanks to her, the Azure coin was gone, and with it, his only chance to redeem himself and his family. But Tyler Black has never gone down without a fight, and he certainly wasn’t going to start now. He would get his coin back, and prove to his uncle that even though he wasn’t the first-or second-choice, he deserved to be the Black House’s Keeper and Ariana Blanc was going to help him, willingly….or not. With an unwilling captive in tow and a friendly witch for moral support, Tyler Black set out on a quest to reclaim his lost coin. What he found was more clues to a mystery long thought to be solved and a ticking time bomb that could herald the end of not only his House but The Order as a whole.
The Primal Series is complete. Immerse yourself in this fantastic Urban Fantasy series. Click on the image above to buy the first book in this thrilling series
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