Once Upon Another World 
is listed in the 
Yes, it’s real. 
As of yesterday, as well as an International Bestselling author on Amazon, I am also a USA TODAY Bestselling Author! 

After a year of hard work by all the authors
we made it. 

The box set “Once Upon Another World”–a collection of Fairy Tale re-tellings–made the USA Today Bestseller list. 
Not only did we achieve this fantastic result we also came in at number 68. An unbelievable result for indie authors.
The set is a collection of well-known fairy tale retellings. Mine is a funny version of Snow White. Instead of the seven little people, we have seven werewolves. The stepmother is really sweet and the princess is not known for her virtue. 
The set is really a winner, in more than one way. 

I must say, this is more than just ticking off something on the bucket list. 
In less than 4 years I have published eight books, been in three multi-author box sets, rated at number 95 best seller of all e-books on Amazon and now number 68 in the USA Today Bestseller List. A heck of an achievement. I’m so very happy, I’m up on cloud nine. 
It seems so unreal. If it’s a dream, don’t wake me up. 

Three and a half years ago I embarked on this journey with some trepidation. I had never written much more than the compulsory essay at school, and that wasn’t really a success.  
and look where I am now. 
This is such a boost to my creativity and my ambition to make writing my life. I feel now that it is possible, nay probable, if I just put my mind to it. And guess what? I’m doing just that. 
And now I’m really going to show off, ha ha. 

After these books from friend, you’ll find links to most of my books. 

p.s. I will contact all of the ARC members and everyone who applied to join next week, thank you for your patience. 



Cat shifter meet Cat burglar… One stolen moment can be the difference between victory and death.
Anastatia Petrov has a mission. One final heist and she will be free of the monster that pulls her strings. All she has to do is steal a tiny device from a lair of cougar shifters. She has trained her entire life for this, so it should be easy. But when a cougar shifter meets a cat burglar, one stolen moment can be the difference between victory and death.

Do you run back to the lion’s den and lose everything you fought for when the sexy man who caught you says you’re his mate, or do you believe in a man who brings fire from the shadows and light to the darkness?

Their forbidden love may be a series of stolen moments, but it will take one last score to save the ones she loves.


There were three men in my mind. One in the past, two in the present. How was a girl supposed to think like that?

Lainie never expected to be admitted to the prestigious Time Travel Academy.

She never expected to study runes, ancient languages and meet real life Vikings.

And she certainly didn’t expect to fall for her teacher… and a Viking… and a mysterious archivist.

When a forbidden jump in time goes wrong, Lainie will have to draw on everything she’s learned to make her way back into the present – and into the arms of her men.



Three sexy wolf shifters. One sassy witch. Dark magic that’ll bind or break them all.
The wolf princes are her enemies, fated mates, and her protectors in a deadly world of witches and werewolves…

1000 + pages fated mates wolf shifter romance set in Oxford, England with British princes. Escape into a unique world of suspense and mystery, forbidden attraction, and sizzling love scenes. Rosemary A Johns is a USA Today bestselling author who writes addictive paranormal romance, where the men know how to share.



Limited offer. 
only for e-books. 

The second book in the Primal Series

She doesn’t age.

She doesn’t die.

She can transform at will into a deadly beast.

But her immortality comes at a high price: she must kill to maintain her sanity, or else risk flying into a bloodthirsty rage.
Establishing herself as an assassin for hire, she only accepts contracts for targets who deserve to die. Her system works to keep the bloodlust at bay. Until she is hired for the grandest job yet.
Easy is a city overrun with violent, powerful gangs in post World War 3 America. Her contract is anything but easy: clean up the city and make it safe for civilians again. To accomplish this goal, she will have to turn the gangs against each other, while struggling to control her bloodlust … and her attraction to the sociopathic seco
nd-in-command of the most vicious gang in town.

Nothing in Easy is easy.

The third book in the Primal Series

She finally learns the truth about her nature …. but is the price too high?
Rescued from prison by a conniving benefactor, she grudgingly accepts an assignment that will rock the world: the murder of Emperor Bharata. The vicious ruler has established a vast empire in the east and now turns his attention to the United Kingdom. But the bloodthirsty emperor is about to meet his match in his equally bloodthirsty opponent.
In the midst of her espionage, she discovers a secret group called the Watchers. In exchange for her help, they will give her what she most desires: information about herself. Her history. Her purpose. She will finally have answers to the questions that have plagued her existence.

                                                          But she might not like the answers.

The fourth book in the Primal Series 

Life in the Australian Outback is hard and brutal—exactly as Anadi likes it. Here she’s anonymous. Just another fool trying her luck in the Opal mines. Life is peaceful.

It couldn’t last.
There are too many people who want her head. Old and new enemies unite to pull her into a bloody conflict that threatens to drive her insane.
Her bloodlust returns with a vengeance after a violent brawl with her creator. To make things worse, a vicious eco-terrorist group blackmails her to kill innocents and her life is once again drenched in blood.

With her sanity hanging by a silken thread, it’s anyone’s guess who will come out alive.

The final book in the Primal Series

Finding her could kill me

Nature created the five of us to save this dying planet and forge a balance between mankind and nature.
Now we’re pitted against each other. War and me, against Famine and Death.
We tried to talk to them, bring them over to our side.
They refused… then they made it personal.

Now I need to find the only one who can fix all this and stop the apocalypse.
Primal; the most powerful of Mother Nature’s Forces.
She disappeared, went off the grid decades ago with a very clear warning. “Don’t try to find me!”
Well, I’m trying.
I have no choice, I have to locate her.
Then comes the real challenge:
I have to stay alive long enough to convince her to come back.

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Happy reading.


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