It’s countdown week!
Just 4 more days and Once Upon Another World will be available at all of the major e-book stores.
And about a week later we will know for sure if we have made the USA Today list. 
There were so many reactions to the free Ibooks voucher in the last newsletter that all of the authors in the box set came together to extend the number of winners. If you are on our winners list, then you will have received a mail to congratulate you. The one thing we ask from you is that you redeem your voucher within 24 hours of receiving it. That way it will count to our total.
Thank you all so much for your support!

In the next newsletter I will announce whether we achieved our goal. Wow. That would be something: Monique Singleton: USA Today best selling author.

The OUAW box set is filled with fantastic stories from some of the best fantasy authors around. Many, like me, are writing in a slightly different genre than normal, but that can give some surprising results. I usually write Dark/ Urban fantasy, in the box set you will see my stab at humor.

Box sets have been a way to try out new genres for me. Last year I wrote a Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem book called Assassin’s Choice for another box set, that regrettably didn’t make the USA Today list. 
This year I am in two box sets with very different genres. The Fairy Tale Re-telling for Once Upon Another World. Then Halloween horror for the Soul’s Day box set that will be published later this month. 
PNR is not exactly my thing. Though Assassin’s Choice turned out to be a good book, It’s not really me. But I have decided to continue with the story line through what will now become the Prophecy series. You can expect the second book to be more in my usual Urban Fantasy genre and lighter on the PNR. I am busy finishing this book and hope to be able to publish it in December 2020. 
Watch this space for more updates on that book. 

It’s always good to expand and try out new things. Even if the end result is that it confirms my initial choice of genre. 
One thing I really like about Urban Fantasy is that you can actually put lots of different aspects from many genres into one book. There is detective work, action, adventure, a bit of romance and sometimes even humor. Best of all worlds.

Hope you enjoy the Once Upon Another World box set and I’d love to hear what you thought of my escapade into humor. 

Stay safe. 
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