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The set releases on October 6th, 2020 and during release week I’ll be giving away 10 iBook copies of the set, but you MUST claim your copy within 48 hours of receiving your free gift. The gifts will be sent on October 6th.

One of the books in the set is my version of Snow White. I’ve told you all about it in previous newsletters. It was quite the new genre for me, but I do notice that my heart lies more with Dark Fantasy. So it will probably be a one time experience for me. 

In the past week I have been able to finish the first draft of another dark fantasy book called Drained. That one is in a box set as well: Soul’s Day. It is a set of Halloween themed scary tales. And yes, it was fun to write. I now have to edit the manuscript and read it at least another four times. 
This set will be released just before Halloween.

I have so many ideas for more stories, and more than a few already outlined. The second book in the Prophecy series is long overdue, and that will be the first one for me to tackle. I’m about half way through and looking forward to seeing where that series takes me. 

You see. I never know. I’m a “pantser”. 
Authors are one of two creatures: a “planner” or a “pantser.” 
The Planner plans the story. Sets out the red line and the chapters up front before they actually start to write. They know, in advance, exactly what will happen in every chapter. They have designed each character, every scene and every event. 
The Pantser writes on the seat of his/her pants. We do not plan. We write what we think of. Then we right the next thing that comes to mind. The story takes form as we go. 
And that is me. A Pantser.

In the Primal series I had no idea in book 1 or 2 what my main character really was. I know. It freaked me out too. 
In the third book, it all fell into place. Not just the story so far, but also the novella that I wrote as a reader magnet and thought was completely separate of the main story. Turns out it wasn’t, it was actually quite pivotable to the series. 

Who knew? 
Not me.
So I have an idea of what will be in the second Prophecy book, but it is by no means definite. Things can, and probably will, change. 
I love that part of the whole process. It’s exciting and a lot of fun. 
The really remarkable thing is that even though the Primal story grew as I wrote is, I didn’t have to go back and re-write anything major. All of the pieces fell into place to become a cohesive tale.
Strange, and wonderful, for me.
Watch this space for more news on my progress.

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Some heroes are sworn to fight the darkness. But there are those who are born of it…

When Jonas Lissade came to America following the brutal massacre of his village, he thought starting high school would be his biggest challenge. Little did he know that he would be entering into a whole new realm of danger and intrigue.

Plagued by horrifying visions and haunted by the dark memories of his mysterious past, Jonas must navigate through the challenges of high school while battling his own inner demons. With the help of his loyal cousin, Ricardo, and an enigmatic new friend, Jonas finds himself the focus of a clandestine agency whose motives will lead him to discover a universe beyond our own and unlock a terrifying conspiracy which will change his life forever.

Pursued by shadowy agents and forced to confront supernatural forces, Jonas will find himself thrust into the mystical world of the occult and uncovering a destiny he never knew he had…



With a fatal bullet in her gut, Celina Leviet has only seconds to make a fateful decision. Join her murdered husband in death, or make a deal with a demon.

She doesn’t know how or why Mekaisto found her, but she doesn’t hesitate. In exchange for her soul, he’ll let her live long enough to wreak revenge. The catch? She must kill the murderers with her own hands.

The contract sealed, her skin carrying Mekaisto’s brand, Celina digs into her husband’s past. But every new revelation unravels everything about the man she loved. His company never existed. His family history was a lie. And he belonged to a shadowy religious order whose members know too much about demons.

Her emotions in shreds, she finds Mekaisto’s seductive charms harder to resist. But her dead husband’s secrets aren’t the only betrayal. As the final, shocking truth comes to light, she struggles with the darkest of choices—break her vow and surrender to the unknown, or succumb to the devil she knows.



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