So what do you like to read? 

I assume that some of your books are fantasy books. Probably even Urban Fantasy. After all you have at some time subscribed to this newsletter and most of the books that I feature are Urban Fantasy, Paranormal and maybe even the occasional horror with a paranormal element. 

It’s what I write and I navigate automatically to that kind of genre. 
I’ve always liked these stories. I used to read comics, mainly Marvel and Conan the Barbarian, long before these were mainstream. I love the mysticism, the unbelievable that maybe could have just a smidgen of truth in there somewhere. 
I usually embellish what I read with my own fantasy. Make it my own, I guess. 

I started out painting the fantasy images that grew in my head. I even made art my living for a while, combining realistic images of people with something paranormal. it was Urban Fantasy before I even knew what that was. 
Life changed direction and I didn’t paint much anymore. No time. Or just not the priority. But fantasy has a funny way of surfacing when you least expect it and in very unexpected ways. With me, that was in writing. 
Now you should know that I struggled to even write a letter. I wasn’t illiterate. I just didn’t know how to begin. 
“Dear sir/madam,”  and that was it. I had no idea how to proceed. 
Never start a sentence with “I”. A lesson from my old school days. Okay, so how do you start?
Anyway, to make a long story a lot shorter. I stopped starting at the beginning. I write what comes up in my head. What I know at that time and go from there. In letters that would be what I want to convey in the letter, or email. And in the books it’s a chapter or scene that I think of. 
You know what? it works. 
I don’t run into the “writer’s block” because I avoid starting with what I find the most difficult. Funny thing is that once I have written parts, the “whole” comes a lot easier. 
This was a fantastic discovery. Not only did it make writing a lot easier, it opened a whole new world for me as an author. Writing was yet another way of “painting” my stories, only now with words. 

So don’t give up if you run into a block like I initially did. Stand back, look at it from another perspective, turn it upside down, and try something different. You never know. It could open up a whole bucket of new opportunities.

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