Books are our escape. We can imagine ourselves in another world, with magic powers and a whole new life. 
Now more than ever, I find that I feel that I need to distance myself from all that is happening in the world, just to stay sane. 
Not that I ignore it, or am not interested. It’s the opposite. I do care, sometimes too much. The pandemic, the demonstrations, Black Lives Matter, all deserve my unbridled attention. All get it. But there is a limit to what I can do. I wish I could do more. 
What surprises me most are all the different opinions. So many people seem to be adamant that their view is the only right one. 
I understand that there are different opinions on most subjects, and that is how it should be. That way we are challenged to think about our opinion. Actually decide on our standpoint. Not just follow the leader. I’m a staunch believer in making up your own mind. That often means that you ask the terrible question time and time again: WHY? 
Have you ever tried that? 
Ask “why” after a statement that someone makes very decisively. Why should we …..?
It’s very enlightening when you find someone who actually has an answer. Might veen be you. 

Wow, I’m getting all philosophical today. 
Back to my point. we all have our opinions. And as long as you have thought about yours and come to your own conclusion, they are to be respected. Even if I do not share your thoughts, I will respect your right to own yours. As I do mine.
Why an I saying all this? 
Those of you who have read my books will know that I have quite outspoken opinions on many things: Equality, racism, violence against women and/or minorities, man’s irresponsible husbandry of Nature. These are woven into the stories that I tell. It’s my way to make a statement. 
I’m not here to change anyone’s opinion. I don’t have that illusion.
My books are first and foremost entertainment, albeit quite dark and creepy entertainment. But there is no way that I can keep my own concerns and viewpoints out of the tale I’m telling. It’s me. What keeps me busy, maybe even up at night. It’s part of who I am, and so it creeps into all the stories. 
Take for instance the new story: Snow White and the Seven Wolves. It’s basically a funny story, not what you are used to from me, but in the end there is a serious element that comes through. A bit like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest. A great book, by the way, if you can get past the first few chapters.

You’re going to have to wait to read my version of Snow White though. It will be released in the Once Upon Another World box set on October the 6th. 
You can pre-order on all of the E-book sellers now. Just click on the image below. 

Here are some more books to tackle your fancy.


There’s one main rule to follow at Wardoff Academy:
Shifters and witches don’t mix.

That becomes a problem the moment I accidentally land on the shifter side of the barrier and onto the radar of four hot alpha male werewolves.

I am the talk of my small witch community after I get accepted to the Wardoff Academy, originally founded by a witch I happened to be named after. And ever since then, I have been haunted by dreams of her past, when she and her star-crossed lover, a shifter, met a tragic end. The end that set up the years of hatred between witches and shifters.

But something pulls me to the four devilishly handsome werewolves on the other side of the academy, and I can’t stay away. And there’s a chance my dreams and these shifters may be connected, so I just hope I don’t get caught and ruin everything I worked so hard for.



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Happy reading.


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