Reading and writing are the two things that let me escape the challenging day to day life. They are especially important in these trying times. It’s not only the Covid 19, though that is more than enough on its own, there are a lot of other things going on that are cause for nightmares. The unrest in the US, Brexit, not seeing friends and family. It all adds up and I need a release. Something to take my mind off the news. It’s not that I ignore what’s going on. Definitely not. I try to make a difference and help. But sometimes I need some “me time”. 
That could mean a few things: a great warm bath, a ride on my motor bike, a film I enjoy, a great book and writing. 
I don’t know if it’s the stress or what, but I’m struggling to get words down at the moment. My daily word count is distressing. I have at least one book that needs to be completed this month. So it’s time to get serious again. 
In the meantime, I love to read. Call it research, or just plain relaxation. 
I love to lose myself in another world. Completely immerse myself in the “reality” that the author has woven. 
I hope that you enjoy my books in the same way. I’d appreciate some feedback. Whether good or bad. I can learn from it. It could make me a better writer.
While we’re on the subject of your opinion. I’d really appreciate it if you could leave an honest review of my books on Amazon, Ibooks, Nook, Kobo or Goodreads. We Authors are extremely grateful for reviews. That’s what gives new readers the extra incentive to try out a previously unknown author. 
I’d love to hear how you are all coping with all of the challenges that are prevalent in these strange times. 
I hope you are safe and well. 
Here are some books to tide over the days and weeks. 



Tell me if you’ve heard this one before

Two bodies walk out of a morgue …

Harper Matthews is a Death Dealer. Not that she knows it. Her magic is dud; medicated out of her. At least she hopes so.
In her world, she’s a 25-year-old-girl whose life is already a mess. Between the boss, she can’t stand, the jerk she’s dating and the foul-mouthed slob who lives below her, she’s about ready to hide and never come out.
The thing is, she might just need to do that. When the body she is working on in the morgue gets up and walks out the door, Harper’s pretty sure she didn’t cause it,
Bounty hunter, Ethan Stone knows what Harper is, and he’s trying to help her. He has seen what is coming; who is looking for her. He knows, first-hand, what happens when a Magical denies what they are. If only she’d listen



One girl. Two bloodlines. One pledge to be made.

When Olivia Whitby’s mother vanishes, a cryptic letter left at her door leads her to a family she never knew – a family of Fae.
However, the secrets run even deeper, and Olivia soon finds herself trapped amongst the power struggle between the Fae and the Sabean Vampires, whom she is thoroughly warned to stay away from. However, the possibility of finding out the truth about herself is too captivating, as is Henry, an enigmatic Sabean vampire. To make matters worse, she is also falling for her guardian, Skylar.
Time is closing in. Torn between both worlds, Olivia must soon pledge to one side or the other. The balance of the underworld could depend on it. Will she choose her Fae bloodline, or will those damn Sabean vampires sway her away?



A championship football game becomes the scene of a paranormal massacre.

Among the survivors is Max Knight. But he can’t recall how he avoided death, or why…
Local high school hero Max Knight can’t silence the voices in his head no matter how many pills he takes. If only he could talk to his parents about it, but he’s never met them – his only family is his uncle, and he’s not revealing any secrets…
Just after his 18th birthday, Max’s world turns upside down. Everywhere he goes he sees killer shadows and is tormented by jumps in time while he keeps running from a truth that threatens to tear his world apart. Can Max accept and control his supernatural abilities, or will his denial be his undoing?


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Happy reading.


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