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We have a new cover!
Take a look at our fantastic new cover for the Playing With Fire box set. 
Isn’t it beautiful?
I’m completely in love with it. 
Not strange, as the design studio that makes my covers also did this re-vamp for the box set. 

We’re now full swing into the last month before the publishing date of October the 8th. It is sooooooo exciting. I really hope that we make the USA Times Best selling list. It would be like a dream come true. 

Ok, you may say. We’ve heard enough about how great this box set is, but what exactly can I expect if I pre-order? Well, The box set is comprised of 12 never before published books by bestselling authors of Urban Fantasy and PNR. Don’t expect all kissy-kissy books, there’s a lot of adventure, thrills and conflict in these books. Yes, the theme is Forbidden Love, but the books are so much more than just that. You don’t have to take just my word for it. In this and the coming newsletters I will feature 4 books from the box set. The first 4 books below will be exclusive to the box set for the coming months. Just click on one of the images and pre-order your box set.

There are also two other books in this newsletter that are not in the box set, fantastic books that are worth looking into.

Thank you for your continued support. 

Happy reading. 


When Taltaz, the merchant of Gethlem, makes his next trek through the Bladeshales to deliver the Priests of Imlach their regular shipment, he brings with him a new type of ware—a thief captured and condemned in Vereling Town for her crimes. Yuhltse pays the man handsomely for the woman she means to make her handmaiden—her assistant—and finds much more in Rahlizje than the price she paid to own a thief.

Rahlizje was only meant to submit to her mistress’ demands. No one expected her to find the one thing worth biding her time to steal.

“The greatest power is the one nobody ever sees.”



In the end, they blamed Guinevere for the downfall of a kingdom and the death of a king. Wed to Arthur but Lancelot’s lover, she was demonized and reviled for the tragic consequences of her betrayal. 
The story played out as a narrative of forbidden love and she was cast as the villain. That narrative was good for ratings and for selling newspapers, but it wasn’t anything like the truth. And despite all the words wasted by the media, spilling across pages and screens like so much black blood, the true story never came to light. 
Until now.



Cass is just a brilliant programmer to the outside world, a super geek paid millions to fix unfixable computers. What no one knows is she’s really a technomage – she has the ability to communicate with any program or machine through touch. 

The world Cass lives in is one that fears her kind. She is one of a dwindling number of “enhanced,” people whose DNA was optimized at birth. Hunted by OCEI, an organization that will stop at nothing to eliminate the enhanced, Cass and other enhanced hide their abilities to survive. Relationships are forbidden—the chemical reaction of fluids exchanged with super-charged DNA can be deadly.

When Cass is called in to troubleshoot an unresponsive android, she makes an alarming discovery: humanity is on the verge of extinction. Her only clue is a sexy shapeshifter, Tyler, who sparks a desire within her she can’t control. No matter how much she tries to ignore him, she can’t deny the intense attraction she feels. But that attraction is dangerous, for both of them.

Can Cass discover the plan to wipe out humanity before it’s too late? And can she resist Tyler, or will her desire for him be her undoing?



I have a secret. And if anyone learns the truth a lot of people are going to get hurt.

It all started when my best friend Baden asked me to pretend to be his girlfriend. And not just his, but his fellow bear shifters Ky and Jagger’s as well. They want to be together, but the only way they can make it work is if they all have the same girlfriend. Bear males aren’t allowed to date each other, and they’re definitely not allowed to fall in love, so if anyone finds out we’re only faking they could be banished from the Bear Clan and kicked out of school—no pressure or anything.

It’s not exactly a hardship pretending to be doted on by three gorgeous, charming bears—even if I do have to put up with my parents’ lectures on the impracticality of dating outside my clan—but the more time I spend with them, the more I start to genuinely care for them. And the more I start to feel…things.

I know they have each other, but maybe…maybe they could have me too? Maybe what we have isn’t so fake after all?

Fated Three is a Young Adult Reverse Harem Academy novella with a fake relationship and forbidden love. It’s part of the Fated Academy series and is exclusive to the Playing With Fire forbidden love box set.



If you thought death was the end…you’d be dead wrong.

Life was barely manageable after my mom was murdered three years ago. I wasn’t sure what my purpose was anymore. But then on my twenty-first birthday, I drank a little too much and fell from the roof of my nine-story apartment building.

I died. Then… I un-died.

Enter Hayden, my really bossy (and hot) guardian angel whose duty is to train me to be the next “Soldier of Light.”
Sound fun? Well, it’s not. I save dead people, helping them move on to the World of Light. And to make matters even worse, they are all troubled souls stuck in the Dark Realm with the devil and his army of demonic creatures. They roam my city’s streets at night, waiting for me to screw up.
The Afterlife is one of Death’s best kept secrets, and I’m living proof. I’m pretty sure I’m the wrong person for this job, despite what Hayden thinks. Guess I’m stuck saving the dead.



Too shy to reply? The Comeback Kid will do it for you!

In this hilarious take on the modern-day detective story, Frank “The Comeback Kid” Davenport has made a cozy living finishing arguments for people too embarrassed to speak up for themselves. But when a beautiful young woman hires him to tell off her dad, he quickly discovers that this job will be unlike any he’s had before. If he’s going to finish it, the unlikely sleuth will have to hunt her father down himself. The only problem? Ruthless killers are also looking for him, and now Frank is in their sights. His only hope is to find out why the dad skipped town before Frank’s life, career, and floundering love life are ruined.

Fans of Douglas Adams and Christopher Moore will love this uproarious thrill ride.

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