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If you are anything like me, you love to read.

I devour books. 
There is one room in my house that is totally dedicated to books, books, and more books. Most are thrillers of some kind, But also historical action, lots of comics and a collection of other genres. Every time I go to the UK I stock up on books. I raid all the local bookstores in Canterbury, where I usually go to at least twice a year, and end up with about ten new titles to add to my already too big collection. I love looking at all the books, and trying to decide which one I will read next.
One problem I have though is that I can only read most books once. I have a good memory and usually know exactly how the story continued after the first two pages. For the Terry Pratchett books, that’s no problem. For a thriller, it kind of beats the purpose. Nothing thrilling if you already know who did it.
Such a shame really. Especially because I can’t bring myself to throw books in the trash. All in all that means that I have a space problem. My house isn’t small, but it is becoming quite full. And the thousands of books aren’t helping. I have to find a library or something here in Holland that would like a couple of hundred English thrillers. Make some room for my next batch.
Those are the paper books. I also have a library of books on my kindle. These are mostly Fantasy books. Funny really how the genre seems to dictate the medium I use to read the books. 
Now that I write myself, my appetite for reading has only increased. Never mind that I have even less time to read now, it’s just made me more curious for other writer’s work. It also opened me up to many–for me–new authors in genres that I hadn’t explored yet.
On Amazon, you can see the ratings of a book in at least three genres if you scroll down when looking at a book. I did that with my own books and found that I was in genres that I had never heard of. Clicking through to the top 100 of that genre introduced me to many new authors in that and other genres. For a writer it’s important to know what other writers in your genres write. After all, we are all catering for the same readers. Browsing the top 100 shows me what people are reading and how my books compare. 
It’s like watching a video on YouTube. You start with the one you initially wanted to watch. (tip: DON’T do the kitten or puppy ones.) And before you know it you’ve been watching all the suggested ones and hours have gone by. Well, I have the same when I’m on Amazon.
Sound familiar?
We can never have too many books. So here’s to all you authors who entertain me for hours and hours. For all the books that I’ve read and the one still to come.
If you have any books you think i REALLY MUST read. Please drop me a mail at 
I’m curious what you all read.

In the meantime here are a lot more books for you to enjoy.
Click on the images and see if they are for you. 
P.S. I write UK english and the majority of the newsletter is in UK english, but the book descriptions for the books below have been taken directly from Amazon as they were written by the author. The descriptions can be in either UK or US english, depending on the origin of the author. I have not changed any words to UK english out of respect for the authors. So no, the inconsistencies are not typo’s 🙂



Things might be easier if I could stop conjuring kittens every time I attempt a spell.

I used to be good at magic. That’s how I got into Grimalkin Academy in the first place. Then I was dared by my friends to try a spell way above my abilities. Now, the end of year exams are coming up, and I need to find a way to stop my magic going haywire all the time or I’m going to fail.

At least matters of my heart are easy enough…for now.

A paranormal academy slow burn reverse harem.



Sometimes the forces of Light just need a little help from a villain to get the job done.

Commander Gryton has always watched his own back. It goes with being at the top of the magical food chain. But for the first time in his existence—thanks to his devious gargoyle father—he’s been slapped with a partner.
This infuriating female soldier also has the distinction of being a Null, a mortal sent by the Divine Ones to influence an outcome. A Null’s natural immunity to all types of magic allows them to battle even the most powerful of magic wielders, even demigods—earning them the title of godkiller.
His sire and dam are certain the Divine Ones have sent the Null to aid the Light in defeating the Battle Goddess.
Gryton doubts it’s anything so innocent.

And if he’s correct, he’s just been partnered up with his doom.
But if the Divine Ones think he just roll over and allow one of their Nulls the chance to kill him, they’ll be disappointed.

Very disappointed.



Venture into Foster Flat & the mind of O.J. Bradford
Tucked away in a quiet corner of North Carolina lies Foster Flat. By every appearance, it’s an ordinary place to lead one’s life, and the humble environs strike most as boring—quite a prodigious misjudgment.
In the beguiling spirit of Ray Bradbury’s novels and ‘The Twilight Zone’ series, this supernatural assortment stands as a testament to the fable’s lasting power.
Moving in may not be wise, but visit once, and Foster Flat will surely stay with you…

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Happy reading.

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