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Thanks for your replies to my last newsletter. 

In my last newsletter I asked you whether there is such a thing as too many books. From the replies it’s quite clear that; NO there is no such thing as too many books. 
That’s a good thing. Not just for us authors, but also for the readers. It means that there are millions of stories out there. Millions of tales worth reading and experiencing, because that is what a good book does for me. It gives me a feeling of experiencing the story. This can be much more intense that watching a film. Something I love to do as well, but it’s not the same. Strange really, you would think that it would be easier to draw someone into a story they can see and hear. More than a book that they read or listen to. The one thing that makes the reading experience so much more personal for me is that it leaves a lot to my own imagination. In a film I see the character clearly. In a book I can add, or delete, certain physical characteristics or mannerisms that make the character even more real to me. 
Now, as anyone who has read any of my books knows, I have a very active imagination. So maybe this is something specific to me. I’d love to hear your opinion on books and films. Which ones speak to you more? And why?

For us authors there is a fine line between describing enough and too much. You might have heard of the line “show don’t tell” This means that the author should not spell out everything that happens in his/her book for the reader in a narrative fashion. We should show the reader what happens by describing the emotions, the results of actions, that kind of thing. 
This leaves a lot to the readers imagination. Telling restricts it, kind of like in the film.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch films. I love films. Especially action and fantasy mixtures, like the Marvell films. I watch a lot of films. And I read a lot of books. Both have merit. 

Another thing about books and films that I’ve noticed for myself is that though I write quite brutal and bloody books, horror even, I never watch that genre in films. I guess I’m too squeamish when it’s there right in my face. 

Anyway, I’ll continue to invite you to explore your own fantasy with maybe a little help from the stories that I pen down. 

Thanks too for your great replies on my cover reveal of Assassin’s Choice. Glad you love it as much as I do. 

Here are some more books for you book lovers.



An archangel born without emotion is sent to patrol the fallen …

…and finds love.

But when his happiness is destroyed, he vows to protect those he has left—his children.
For fourteen years that’s his only goal.
Until he meets his sexy neighbor.

Zander resists the attraction. Chloe’s human and his world is dangerous—a new enemy has arisen. As he prepares to battle this latest threat, it becomes clear that Chloe may be more than he first believed.
Yet if he accepts what is between them, he could lose her. If he doesn’t, he could lose everything he holds dear.
Dare he take the leap?
Join Zander and his quirky family in this dark, magical romance because it’s full of twists that will leave you craving more.

Get it now.
*Can be read as a standalone.



 Forbidden Romances. Deadly Secrets. Unforgiving Darkness…

Fall head over heels in love with this set of fantasy tales. Steeped in Greek, Norse, and Asian Mythologies, 8 bestselling authors bring you stories brimming with adventure, unexpected twists, and following the pursuit of true love. When it comes to the gods, passion doesn’t always follow the rules.

Fans of paranormal romance, dark fantasy, and reverse harem will devour this collection of exclusive stories.

Every complete novella contains steaming hot alphas, strong sexual themes / language. Adults Only!
Some stories contain dark themes.



Four strangers. Four powerful elements. To survive a ruthless cult, they’ll have to work together… or die alone…
Nineteen-year-old Phoenyx Blake has no idea how she ended up in a makeshift prison cell, far from LA and the college life she had planned. She’s never met the other three teens trapped there with her, though one—Sebastian—has a face that looks eerily like the one she’s dreamed of her entire life. And she never thought she’d have to face her long-held secret in a battle for survival. But the more truths Phoenyx uncovers, the less certain she is of her future, and her past. When s he and her cellmates learn they are eternally bound by the ancient elemental powers of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, and that their captors plan to use them in a terrifying ritual sacrifice to take those powers for themselves, a countdown against their lives begins. If Phoenyx can’t master her powers and face up to her secret in time, then they’ll all pay with their lives…

And their souls.

Ignite is the sizzling first book in The Bound Ones, a series of YA urban fantasy novels. If you like supercharged action, timeless romance, and unbreakable friendships, then you’ll love Tricia Barr’s fiery series.

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