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Here is it.
The cover of the Primal Series 1st box set!!
The first three book in the series:
Primal Nature
Nature of the Beast 
The Beast Inside.

And here’s the good news;
The box set will be released on March the 21st!
Your chance to binge-read the first three books in the Primal Series.

I’m really excited about the release of the first box set in the Primal Series. 
This box will contain the first three books. And yes, the “first” means that the probably will be a second some where down the line. 
Into the Lion’s Den is book 4. I am currently working on book 5 and I expect that book 6 will be the final instalment of the series. Don’t hold me to that though, I never thought there would be more than one book te start with. 🙂 This story just keeps expanding. Things are falling into place and answers are given to questions that pop up in all the books. 
Most of the books that I publish are available as e-books and in paper form. However, the box set poses a problem. Amazon, the major sales channel for my books and their paperback department have a maximum number of pages that a printed book or box set is allowed to contain. And guess what? Yes, book 1 – 3 exceeds that maximum by more than 200 pages. That means that the printed version will not be available at Amazon. I will need to research other avenues to get the box set available in print. That will take some time, so please be patient if you are looking for the paper version. Sorry, just the rules at Amazon. 
If it was up to me… ….
But it isn’t.
Anyway, for all you e-book lovers. The box set will be available as of March the 21st. It will be on pre-order earlier. Watch this space for the latest news. 
And now some other books to while away the hours. 


When Serafine Hardy’s best friend tells her all about the hot new club that lets humans and shifters mingle she thinks her friend has lost her mind. As a person who doesn’t believe in the paranormal she thinks her friend has bought into one folklore too many. Still, she feels a thrill at the possibility of an encounter with a hot guy. And what better way to get back to get over her sexual drought than with a ruggedly sexy man?

It doesn’t take long for Pierre Mercier to notice Serafine the second she walks in the door of Club Primal. Her luscious curves capture his attention in a way that he never expected. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s his mate. Now he just has to get her to understand what that means because there is just one huge problem.

Serafine doesn’t believe shifters exist…



After her sister’s murder, Mackenzie Winters learned to fear the night. When she learns the truth about vampires, the night will learn to fear her.

In an attempt to find closure on the anniversary of the worst night of her life, Mackenzie sets out to retrace her sister’s final day.

One wrong step opens a door to the truth. Not only about what happened to Evie, but about what else lurks in the shadows, forcing her to redefine the line between truth and myth.

Vampires are real. They’re hungry. And they’re only the beginning.



Demons face off against sorceresses, Valkyries challenge darker demons, and vampires will take on anyone – except humans.
Humans and Deviants never mix.
Although ‘never’ is a strong word…
And rules are made to be broken…
In the Immortal Deviants world, mythical and mysterious beings co-exist with humans – and the humans never even know it



All I’ve ever wanted is to be normal.
But there’s one thing standing in my way: Magic.

It’s out of control, and it’s ruining my life. So, when my mom moves us to her dream town, I don’t complain. It’s a chance at a fresh start with new friends.

Just as I begin to train and hone my powers, my mom’s friend, Maggie, goes missing. I’m the only one that saw the two men take her, and the police don’t believe me.

Refusing to ignore the kidnapping, I set out with my friends to find her. But all is not as it seems in this small town.

There are darker, supernatural things at work here. And as the danger heightens, it becomes more difficult to hide my powers.
I can’t risk everyone finding out about my magic again.
But how am I supposed to save Maggie while still keeping my biggest secret hidden?
(The caption is not my tekst. It’s from one of the reviews on Amazon 🙂 )
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