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 I’m a day late. Again.

Sorry, I was having a fantastic time in Canterbury England, wallowing in the Christmas atmosphere. 

I really love Christmas, and Christmas shopping in Canterbury is a six year tradition that I will continue to uphold as long as possible. It’s a great way to immerse myself in the seasonal atmosphere with all the decorations, the Christmas market and the lovely Xmas treats. There were seven of us in the group this time, and we enjoyed ourselves enormously. Canterbury is my home-away-from-home and I think most of the others felt the same way.
If you ever find yourself in this quaint and friendly historical town, take a walk around and enjoy the history, the people and the music that you can find on the streets of the town centre.
Some parts of Canterbury might even seem familiar to you. Canterbury was the location for a pivotable part of the story in The Beast Inside. I tried to describe the location as truthfully as possible. And yes, The Miller’s Arms, where Anadi stayed in the story, does exist. It’s actually where I always stay, my second home. 
I have one more week at work, then it’s holiday time. For me it’s a time to look back and enjoy the successes that I was lucky enough to have this year. It’s been a fantastic year for me: I went to the London Book Fair for the first time where I completely enjoyed myself, learned a lot, and met new friends. 
Two of my books made bestseller on Amazon. One even in four different categories. I had three Bookbub features, which is unbelievable. Just released a new book and was part of a Fisrt-in-series Box set. So, yes I have fond memories of 2018.
I’ve started the next book in the Primal Series. It will be a bit different from what you’re used to. The story continues, but the accent will be on a different character. I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I won’t tell you too much yet. I’ll drop hints and maybe even a chapter here and there in the coming newsletters. 
As well as the sequel, I’ve started on a new series. Other characters, a different time, but still quite dark. More about that in January. 
I want to thank you all for your support in this last year. I’ve enjoyed all your mails and reactions and interactions. I hope that we can stay in contact this coming year and that I can help you find great new books by my author friends that you may not know yet.
Here’s hoping that you all have a happy Christmas and a fantastic new year. 
And here’s are some great books from friends to keep you busy in the long winter evenings.



The first time I saw her photo in a magazine, I knew. I would have her. Now someone is trying to kill her.
She’s grace and beauty incarnate. A human supermodel.
So her demon and Valkyrie bosses hire me to protect her. Because, of course, vampires make the best bodyguards, right?
As soon as I meet her, face-to-face, I know. This is going to be the fight that threatens to take me down.
Did I mention ‘human’? Goddammit it.
That means no touching her, no kissing her, no scr#wing her either – no matter how hot the flames between us burn.
Because Deviants and humans Do. Not. Mix. Ever.
The rules are set in stone. The punishments are lifelong. And for an immortal, that means eternity.
So I’ll protect her with my life, guard her from the betrayals that keep flying her way, and pray to the gods that I don’t drag her down into my world.

He’s hot as sin, and stubborn enough to make me throw things – like caution. To the wind. Dammit, I know I shouldn’t. I know he feels it too – I’ve never experienced attraction like th
But I know he’s hiding something from me – so I’m not going to stop until I know what he’s holding back. And when I tell him about my little secret, I hope he’s as excited as I am.



Dreamcatchers can’t ward off nightmares if your nightmare is your reality?
Moving to a small town is the last thing Melanie wanted, but her entire family, even her identical twin, Emily, assures her it’s the best thing for her family. But Melanie knows it’s just another form of punishment, because that’s all her family does to her—punishes her.
Emily just wants her sister back, wants to recover their twin bond after she broke her sister’s trust. But something evil is waiting in their new house… When Melanie falls into the clutches of an ancient darkness, Emily is the only one who can save her. Will their bond be strong enough to break the curse? Or will Emily lose her sister forever?


Jacquelyn Denna Knight is the best wizard detective in the city. She also has the worst luck.

Her vile orc landlord is about to evict her from her haunted apartment, and she just choked on the job that was going to pay her rent. She hates that she let the money get away from her, but the satin-skirted vampire that escaped out the bordello window worries her more.

When one of the most influential elves in the Realm calls her at midnight to hire her for a job, it’s an offer she can’t refuse.

What she doesn’t know is that the new case is going to unravel her life, and she’ll get tangled up with a host of intriguing characters, most of whom are not who they appear to be. It’s also going to speed her down a path toward the most powerful vampire clan in the country, where she’ll have to put everything on the line to save the Realm.

A breakneck-paced mix of urban fantasy, irreverent humor and detective noir.
Fans of The Dresden Files and Jessica Jones will burn through this addictive urban fantasy series.



Marrying into the Alpha pack was easy
Falling in love was never part of the plan

Anna is a half witch, sent in undercover to spy on the Alpha pack. After her coven casts a love spell, Anna ends up marrying Charlie, the youngest pack brother.
Caught between her coven and her new ‘family; the lines begin to blur as she develops feelings for Charlie. Soon Anna must choose a side and when the truth comes to light about her parents deaths, her world starts to unravel.


Demons have returned to Gilia.
Ealrin has followed his mentor all over the continent, but it’s beginning to take its toll on his body and the trust he once had in his guide. The rest of his friends are battered, though not yet driven to the brink. 

But they are surrounded. With demons on one side and the armies of men on the other, it’s time for them to decide if staying on Ladis is worth risking more than their lives.

Buy the exciting conclusion to the Ladis trilogy today!



Sachi Manning’s life used to be normal. Boring. Mundane. But that was before. Before the lilin. Before the reapers. Before that whole death and resurrection thing…
Now the conflict that has been building within The Shadowlands is reaching toward breaking point, and Sachi is right in the thick of it.
A new alliance.
Refusing to be cowed by the lilin’s latest attack, Sachi must decide whether to accept Griffin’s offer of an alliance, while the Praetor proves he will stop at nothing to reach his end game.
A new mystery.
With Mira lost in her obsession to find Nikko, Julian must pick up where she left off in the investigation of the Heme Centre. It is a task that will take him away from Melbourne and force him to confront aspects of his past he had long thought buried.
A new threat.

With The Faction asserting itself within the world of the Shadowlanders of New Orleans, Flynn will be forced to fight a battle between his conscience and his loyalty to his country as he starts to realise things are not quite as he’s been told.



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M.A. writes Jaguar shifter PNR. 

For those who like their romance jungle hot
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