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I visited the London Book Fair last week.
It was so unbelievably inspiring!

It was my first visit to a Book Show. Being a Brit, London seemed a great place to start. The London Book Fair, or LBF as it is also called, is second only to the Book Fair in Frankfurt. Held at the Olympia in London, it is the Mecca for publishers, agents, authors and everyone involved in the book industry. There are hundreds of exhibitions from all over the world. It was quite overwhelming. Where to look? And only two days to take it all in.

On the first floor there was a large part of the exhibition called The Author’s Corner. That was where I was headed. 
I went to the LBF to learn. I’m still relatively new to the whole publishing and writing industry. As a self publishing writer I am also a publisher. So I have a lot to learn, not only about writing, but also about publishing, marketing and everything else that is involved. Plus, I had no benchmark. I didn’t really have a clue whether I was doing the right things and how far I was in my education. I wanted to talk to people, find out whether I was on the right track and frankly, to see if writing could actually be a career for me, or just a dream.

And learn I did. I spoke to an agent who seemed pleasantly surprised with the quality of the books in the Primal Series. He liked the cover and the blurb. He told me to get rid of the italics in the tekst, “if the writing is good, you don’t need then to show the different perspectives’. So, they’re out in the next versions 🙂

it was so fantastic to talk to other authors, exchange tips and listen to the experts. There were famous authors at the LBF who turned out to be very approachable. They freely offered advise and support. 
Like most authors, I’m quite introverted and do not particularly enjoy large gatherings of people I don’t know. At the LBF, it was different. I have honestly never felt so at home in a crowd. I didn’t want to leave. 
But as with everything, the LBF came to an end. 

I’ve come home with tons of inspiration, lots of new friends, additional knowledge and a total conviction that this–writing–is what I want to do.
I’m definitely on the right track, I know that now, and doing great. 
The icing on the cake was a Bookbub feature that went out on Friday and skyrocketed the sales of the books. 

Watch this space. I’m pumped up to write more, and more and more.

Thank you to all of you, who have made this possible. 

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This time I am featuring books from new authors. When I started writing, others were so kind as to give me a kick start by featuring my books, and I gladly return the favour.



Ella Bandita’s life nearly came to an end in the depths of an icy river. Before she threw herself in the roiling waters, a strange voice called out.

“There’s a better way.”

Now, Ella Bandita is far from dead. Having studied the art of seduction under the Sorcerer of the Caverns who saved her that day, she must now make a life for herself as Ella Bandita, thriving on fresh hearts for survival. The immortal seductress moves from village to village, seducing and stealing the hearts of only the most licentious and undeserving men. It’s a lonely life, filled with grief and rage.

Until the day she meets a Wanderer in the woods, who engages her in deadly game of cat and mouse, fueled by his unruly desire for this strange young woman. His refusal to quit her makes Ella Bandita act, and the Wanderer finds himself transformed into a Wolf, forced to live life searching for the one thing that can make him a man again. Hunting down the immortal seductress becomes necessary for survival. At the old Sorcerer’s Caverns, they will meet again, Ella Bandita and the Wanderer.

In a dark tale of romance, lust, and desire, Ella Bandita and the Wanderer is driven by intrigue and explores the darkness of the human heart and the allure of erotic obsession over love.



Every town has secrets. This one could end the world.

Nothing is as it seems in the tiny town of Ettney, Australia. Sixteen year old Ari Carpenter just survived a brutal accident, and now she’s being stalked by shadows, and hunted by an impossible evil. After another tragic night, Ari is thrown into a deadly conspiracy and a secret supernatural war that threatens not only everyone she loves, but the future of the world itself.

You don’t want to miss this brand new young adult supernatural thriller series that is leaving readers breathless. Described as Stranger Things meets The Maze Runner, the Unseen series is packed with twists, action, romance … and a few good scares.

For fans of Veronica Roth, James Dashner, John Marsden, and Suzanne Collins.

And another great book I couldn’t refuse. 



Not your typical guns and gears steampunk. Sherlock meets the Dresden Files, in a steam-powered alternate history thriller.

A young detective from Scotland Yard teams up with an ex-nun to solve the murder of rich socialites in 1860’s London. Good thing he has an open mind and she has supernatural powers. This is the first book in a binge read worthy series of four books. A This prequel to multiple book series. 

An Author redefining gas lamp mystery and steampunk through deep characterisation and multiple story arcs.

Oh yes, 

and my books 🙂
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