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In this sequel to Nature of the Beast, Jess finally finds answers to the questions that have been driving her mad. 

But… will she like the answers?


Jess can finally learn the truth about her nature …. but is the price too high?

Rescued from prison by a conniving benefactor, she grudgingly accepts an assignment that will rock the world: the murder of Emperor Bharata. The vicious ruler has established a vast empire in the east and now turns his attention to the United Kingdom. 

 But the bloodthirsty emperor is about to meet his match in his equally bloodthirsty opponent. 

In the midst of her mission, she discovers a secret group called the Watchers. In exchange for her help, they will give her what she most desires: information about herself. Her history. Her purpose. She will finally have answers to the questions that have plagued her existence.

But she might not like the answers.



I hope you enjoy The Beast Inside as much as the previous books. The first reviews on Goodreads are looking good. Please let me know what you think of this latest book in teh Primal Series.


Review Goodreads 5 stars:


"Jess/Anadi is back in this thrilling conclusion to The Primal Series.


It is so well written, with drama, action, and even a little bit of romance.


The author takes us through a magical journey of tragedy, revenge, and finally, of discovery and I was engrossed from the very first page.


I loved the ending. Karma really is a b*** and her name is Anadi."




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