I missed one.

I missed a newsletter!
oeps. Sorry.
But I do have a good reason. I was on holiday. For the first time since the start of the pandemic I actually went away for a few days. It was great. Absolutely fantastic.
So, where did you go? you may ask.
Well, I went to Canterbury UK, again. I love going there. It’s my home away from home. It felt so great to go back again after such a long time. My niece joined me and we had a great time together.

Canterbury is a lovely medieval town in Kent, near the port of Dover. It’s a fortress town, which means the centre is encircled by an old wall with beautiful arches at the gates. 

From the hotel you can see one of the landmarks in Canterbury; The Cathedral. It is right in the middel of town and visible from afar. 

I love to walk the small streets and shop in the cute old fashioned shops. 

I always stay at The Miller’s Arms. 

You may be familiar with the pub as it features in the third book of the Primal Series; The Beast Inside. 
Actually, that book details a visit to Canterbury and if you ever go, you will recognise some of the places I describe in the story, though the bomb going off in the town centre is pure fantasy. 

The atmosphere of Canterbury is a combination of Old World England with the dynamics of a university town. There is lots of street music all the time. Lots of seating outside lets you observe the world in a relaxed environment filled with tradition and history. 
So haven’t you done anything in your holiday?

Yes, of course I have. I can’t sit still. 
I’ve nearly finished the first edit of The Devil You know, which is now on pre-order. Just click on the link on the picture below and pre-order this first book in a new series for just 99 cents.
                  And here are some great books from friends. 



She was trained to kill him. Enemies to lovers in this action-packed dystopian Vampire Romance series.

Being born a hunter, Esmore has been raised with one purpose: to hunt and kill the vampire race that destroyed the world as it was known. At eighteen, Esmore’s a Token Huntress in her Guild, surpassing her mentor’s expectations of her, despite having no magical ability, like all hunters before her.

During a raid in the once iconic San Fransisco, Esmore’s team is ambushed, and a mysterious vampire that she is drawn to captures and takes her to the Vampire Council as a prisoner. Her captor—Chase, a lethal, immortal, sexy, and charming vampire who will stop at nothing to claim her as his familiar.

While in captivity, Esmore learns information that makes her question everything she’s been taught.
Now in the year 2341, Esmore fights for her survival. But who exactly is she fighting against? The very people who nurtured her or the evil she’s supposed to hate?



Most of Jess’s life consisted of running from an unknown threat. At least unknown to her. No sooner would she and her mom get settled, then they’d be packing their meager belongings and disappearing into the night.
As a child, Jess never knew why they fled. Never understood the fear in her mom’s eyes. After twenty-eight years, she finally finds out. It wasn’t at all what she believed.

Garret’s latest assignment was supposed to be really easy. He and his team should’ve been able to run in, pick up the target, and get out. Once the target was safely delivered, Garret would be paid.
Or not.
Another group of hunters beat him to the target. He and his team would spend the next two days fighting for their lives and the life of their target – Jessenia Smith. She ends up being so much more than just an assignment.



Token Huntress, Esmore, and familiar Chase are designated the task to create a divide amongst the Vampire Council. In the land of ice and snow, they take advantage of a receding throne, promising Council Leader, Tracey, a thriving empire if she were to betray the magistrates of the Vampire Council and ultimately Oppollo’s reign.

With time ticking against them until the upcoming Vampire Council Meeting, Esmore must decide if she wishes to seek out her hidden heart and inherit her birth-given gift and if her entitled power is worth the risk. Because if she can’t control it, it might undo the very man and love she’s sworn to protect.

Amongst the treachery, battles, and chaos, a divide begins between Esmore and her family. What is right and wrong? And what will keep them alive?

Will Esmore claim the power prophesized to potentially destroy the world, hoping to tilt the scale in the war? Or are there some things in the unknown darkness that should remain untouched no matter how compelling?



An assassin with a secret. An angel with a strange power. A war that threatens to destroy them both.

Cora is an assassin who never misses her mark. But she has a deadly secret: her blood can create the most powerful magical elixirs in the world.
And she’s been hunted for it her whole life.
When a powerful demon blackmails her, threatening to expose her secret, she has to do one last job to buy her freedom: kill a Nephilim named Vince. Cora figures this will be an easy target.

Until Vince time travels, appearing in two places at once.
Thwarted, Cora must get close to Vince so she can learn the secret to his strange ability–and finally kill him once and for all.
But the closer she gets to Vince, the more her icy heart begins to thaw, making way for new emotions she’s never felt before.
As she falls for him, her secret is exposed, igniting a powerful war between demons and Nephilim. In the end, Cora must choose between her own survival and preventing a war that will tear the magical world apart.



The Magic Council declared my kind an abomination. Now I’m their only hope.

I’m a Nephilim, one of the unlucky few fathered by a fallen angel. If the supernatural elite finds out what I am, they’ll destroy me.
“Hide your magic and lay low,” that’s my mantra. Until a handsome guy up-to-the brim with magic appears at work and starts asking me questions.

Curse the fates, this guy can’t be fooled. Turns out he’s a high-profile angel and member of the Council of Nine — an ancient secret organization that fights a cult of dark Nephilim. What’s more bizarre is that the Council claims I’m the only one who can thwart the Nephilim’s evil masterplan for a magical apocalypse. “Only a Nephilim can kill another Nephilim,” they said. To accomplish this mission, I have to procure the Scroll of Lies and hand it to the Council.

So what’s a poor girl to do? Accept the job with a pay raise, of course, and pray to the fates I’ll survive. Small relief, I won’t be alone in this suicidal mission: four gorgeous archangels and gods will accompany me.



“The world needs to change. That much is obvious. But what kind of change does Parthenis need, I wonder?”
“A drastic one, no doubt. Let it be born over and better. Or is that too much?”

At ten years old, Kalindra Therin, throne-princess of Lundell, is tested to discover whether she has the potential to become a Dracomancer. When she’s proven worth it, despite her father’s protests, she chooses to travel with her mentor Yenderen to the Iclindir Dracomancy Academy to learn the arts of combat and spellcasting as well as to commune with her new dragon companion Rina.

But after 5 years of training as a keeper of balance, is she still willing to obey her father, the King, and secure a political alliance with a nearby kingdom out of duty? What would become of her if she dares to take a stand for herself and her dragon?



A new element is on the horizon.
Five years ago, Brier left everyone behind, including the woman he loved, Celine. The sea has now become his home, and the waters are not as calm as they once were.

A storm blows in and wrecks his vessel on a deserted island. At least, that is what he thinks until the mage from his past shows up. Alice isn’t the sweet nun he remembers. She pushes him away, but there are dangers on this island, and he can’t leave her alone.

Alice can’t believe her sister mages have sacrificed her to do the bidding of the Elemental Fire. He wants to make Brier the Fifth Element by giving him peace and love, only to strip it away and turn him into an Elemental God.

Loving Brier is not an option. It doesn’t matter he makes her feel things she never has before. To let him in, she will give her heart over to be broken.

The temptations of love will only bring death sooner.



Life as she knew it is over. At the next full moon, the real trouble begins…

Epidemiologist Joanie Fisher can’t catch a break. After her lab burns to the ground, her boss simultaneously fires her and ends their affair. And though she’s inherited her grandfather’s multimillion-dollar estate, Joanie’s shocked to discover the property comes infested with werewolves.
Confronted by a ruggedly handsome shifter who begs her to continue her cutting edge research into the wolves’ physical changes, Joanie unearths a sinister conspiracy that puts her own life in danger. And as she pushes hard to find the cure, shadowy figures will do anything to make sure she never develops a treatment… including resorting to murder.
Can Joanie end the wolfish disease before she’s next on a killer’s list?



When Black tries to force a ring onto my finger, I bolt.
I escape the pack leader’s clutches with Jonah, my best friend with benefits…who has become so much more.
But then my body betrays me. My stupid wolf shifter hormones send me spiraling into my first heat only hours after I flee.Desire blazes through my veins until it’s so wild and fierce that it takes over my reality.
It makes me hallucinate while I’m with Jonah and wish for things I don’t want. Like Black.

Elena was stolen from me. No one steals from the Lobo pack, and no one ever steals from me. I’m going to hunt down whoever took her and punish them until they can’t even scream for mercy.
The moon goddess better hide her face because I’m about to show the shifters who stole Elena that my soul can be as dark as my name.

She picked me. The most perfect woman in the world chose me. I should be on cloud nine, but instead, I’m terrified. How the hell am I going to protect her with furious shifters from two different packs hunting us down?





If my identity is revealed… I’m dead.

I’m the Council’s top assassin. Their first call to terminate paranormals who step out of line. Yet, if they ever discovered who I really am, my name would be at the top of their hit list.

Ordered to kill two clan leaders who threaten to expose the paranormal world, I throw myself into the job. That’s when things go to hell.

Stunningly handsome men that cause my libido to overheat. Not one, but two soul-mate claims. In the midst of this chaos, I uncover a startling truth that casts me in the key role of an ancient prophecy.

What I do next will send my life in a new direction… or kill me in the process.
Torn between vengeance and salvation, which will I choose?



Nothing ever happens in a genie lamp.
I get my kicks watching the parallel worlds that I am thrown in and out of as I serve my masters. All their wishes are the same. Wealth. Power. Fame. I give it to them and move on because my freedom is never their wish.

These newest three masters are different, and it isn’t because they are half Vampire. They did not mean to rub my bottle and have no desire to collect their wishes. Instead, they want to give them to someone else. Who does that?

They drag me through their world, and for the first time, I am in one place long enough to feel human. A desire for a true life awakens in me, and I can taste my freedom within reach.

The Primal Series is complete. Immerse yourself in this fantastic Urban Fantasy series. Click on the image above to buy the first book in this thrilling series
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