Too much rain.

 In the last two years we had warm summers with little rain here in the south of Holland. Though nice for vacationing families, it was bad news for the farmers. There just was not enough water to grow the crops. 
I have two horses. The majority of their diet is made up of hay that I grow in my own fields. During the last years I had to buy a lot of hay because the fields just didn’t supply enough. I need 22 of the massive 300 kilo bales to feed them for one year. Last year the field yielded 7. You can imagine how happy I was this year that we had regular rain and I saw the new fresh gras grow well. The first cut gave me 24 bales. Enough and then some. Plus it looks like we will be able to get another cut. 

So thing were going well. Every one in the farming community was happy, including me. 
Until last week.  
The rain came down in buckets, and more. It rained whole days and nights. Not just here in Limburg in the south of Holland, but also in Germany, Belgium and France. The rivers filled to capacity and beyond. All of that water has to go somewhere, and that somewhere was through the rivers in Limburg. 
We had massive floods in Holland, Germany and Belgium. More than 150 dead in Germany and many more still missing. Whole houses were swept away by the power of the rivers that burst their banks. More people died in Belgium. Here none up to now. But a massive 180+ in total over all of the countries, and counting.
Thousands were evacuated and not all have been able to return to what is left of their homes yet. 

It’s a nightmare. 
My thoughts go out to everyone caught in the floods and I hope and pray that the worst has passed. 

And you know what I really don’t understand? 
the people who flock to the disaster area just to gawk at the chaos and destruction. They come from far to be “entertained” by what for others is the absolute destruction of everything they hold dear. 
How can people be so insensitive? This is not a film set. It is not a set up. Not a scene. This is their life. Was their livelihood. Now it’s all destroyed. 

The worst example I saw was of a couple who came down to watch the disaster, they even called themselves “disaster tourists”,  and amid all of the destruction and pain, they complained about the fact that they could not get good coffee anywhere. 
Well, I’m sorry. People had other things to do than see to your arrogant, selfish needs. Things like saving their homes and businesses. 

On a much better note, the rest of the country is really coming together to support Limburg. A special account has been opened where you can donate to help cover the costs the insurance never can, and the government has officially declared Limburg a disaster area. This means that the inhabitants can apply for aide. 

Now we just hope the water levels in the rivers go down and people can go back home to do what the Dutch do exceptionally well; pick up the pieces and get back to life. 

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