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It’s summer here in Holland now. 
Over 30 degrees centigrade, we are not made for this. Or at least I am not. I’m a Brit. I like the cold. Yes, I’m weird. I know. My ideal temperature is somewhere between 18 and 20 degrees by day and 0 – 10 at night. Then I can do things in the waking hours and sleep really well at night. 
Most people here are very happy about the temperature and the abundance of sun. They are relaxing, going for walks, bike rides and having BBQs. All really great things. Just with 10 degrees less would be better for me. LoL.
No seriously, I’m happy for everyone that they can finally enjoy some quality time. It has been a taxing year for everyone. Some sunshine and the relaxation of the lockdown is what we all really need now. And things are going well with regard to Covid here in Holland. The number of infections is a fraction of that two months ago, hospital staff are able to breath again and the rules are relaxing. We are daring to hope that things will come back to normal.
And it’s holiday time.
Most of my friends will be staying in Holland for their holidays this year, so good weather is a must, and quite an exception. In the past years it wasn’t ideal.  

My holidays have to wait a few more months. I will take a few weeks off in August/September and those will be spent on finishing the books I am currently writing. 
I’m staying home as well. That is no chore here. I live out in the country and can enjoy the peace and quiet everyday. People come here for their holidays, so why would I want to go anywhere else. 

Thanks to all of you who sent me suggestions for books to read. I now have a great long list of books to read. It will definitely get me through the summer.
Here are some more great books from friends. 


He controls dreams. Now the Dream King wants to claim me as his own.

When everyone in the world fell asleep at exactly the same time and woke up a week later, the world believed it was the start of a rampant plague. They didn’t know the half of it.

Working in a sleep clinic is hardly the career of dreams, (pun intended) but when the world falls prey to a weird sleeping sickness, my job suddenly becomes ridiculously busy. Not that my asshole of a boss would think to give me the pay rise I deserve. In fact. My life can’t get any worse. My bank account is empty, my ex is hooking up with his boss and watching old people sleep is seriously dull.

That is until a lethally sexy freaking brute of a man appears in the sleep study and accidentally drags me into the dream world. A world that he owns and rules over.
The dark and brooding jerk doesn’t want me there, but I’m staying whether he likes it or not if there’s a chance it will cure the sickness and my mother who has fallen prey to it.
What I’m not expecting is the feelings he begins to ignite in me, just as the tables turn and I become his prisoner.

I’m a wizard but my magic has been killing me since the day I was born.

I’d see a doctor, but ancient curses aren’t really covered at medical school. Instead, I’ve spent my life crawling through catacombs and chasing rumors of arcane relics—anything that might lead to a cure.

Recently I learned of a mask that once belonged to the witches who cursed me. It could lead me to their lost temple, but there’s a problem. My fiancée, Lara, found it first, and her boss isn’t one to share.

Now I’m running out of time and the secrets I’ve been forced to keep have put Lara in danger. I’d love to be husband of the year, but stealing it could save us both…

Providing Lara doesn’t kill me first.



Darkness lurks behind their gazes. There’s something sinister about their smiles. Their name incites fear in their enemies. Their touch arouses passion in the women they love. They are the DeLucas. In the streets and in the sheets, there’s one word that describes them best. SAVAGE.

The men of the DeLuca family are proof that the bigger the alpha, the harder they fall… in love.

Download this exclusive anthology featuring 20+ BRAND NEW mafia romances to find out which DeLuca you will fall in love with. But first, you must ask yourself one question: Are you ready to give your heart and body to a savage?

The Primal Series is complete. Immerse yourself in this fantastic Urban Fantasy series. Click on the image above to buy the first book in this thrilling series. 
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Happy reading.


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