The summer is made for reading. 
Find yourself a nice spot in the shade, 
pull up a chair and grab a good book. 
Here are some options for you.  
Primal Nature is the first book in the Primal Series. It is an awakening in more than one way. Our very reluctant heroine is introduced and we become part of her quest to make sense of the strange things that are happening to her. 
Her body is changing, she is much stronger, she heals quickly. But the changes are not restricted to the physical side. Her temper is strained, she has dark and murderous thoughts. Her dreams are filled with bloody violence. 
What is going on?
And then… It happens. A mind blowing change. One with long lasting impact.
Find out what our nameless protagonist is faced with in this Amazon International Best seller dark urban fantasy tale. 


Click on the link in the image above and get this first in series from your favourite e-book seller. 

Summer has arrived here in Holland. 
After a very wet and cool spring this week gave us 25 plus degree Celsius sunny days. People are outside again. Walking, cycling and, now that some of the Covid restrictions have been raised, enjoying the new re-found freedom on a terras with a cool drink and some friends they haven’t seen in a while. 
There is a clear atmosphere of optimism. Something that has been missing for such a long time due to the pandemic. People have something to look forward to; the summer. 
It also looks like we have finally turned the corner on Covid here in Holland. With the mass vaccination of adults in this country, there is hope. The number of people hospitalised is declining rapidly and so is the fatality rate. 
We dare, carefully, to hope that this could be the end of the third lockdown. As of the 5th of June more restrictions we have lived under since the beginning of december, will be a thing of the past. 
Our scientist expect that all restrictions could be lifted by the end of September. 
We all hope they are right. 

In the meantime we will all enjoy the sunny weather and celebrate summer at home. 

What do you need for an ideal afternoon or evening outside this summer?
A comfortable chair. A shady quiet spot. A glass of what ever you like to drink. And one or more great books. 

Here are some books to choose from. 


A Horror novella
now 99 cents  
Detective Liam Grady was stumped.
Never in his long years as a New Orleans Homicide Detective had he encountered a serial killer who literally drained his victims.
The mummified shell of a once beautiful student was the first sign this case was extraordinary. Within days she was joined by a high-class call-girl and a frumpy housewife. All died in the same sadistic manner.
What did they have in common, besides their strange demise?

Things are not as they seem. The victims have dark secrets, and tales of Haitian malignant spirits offer a slim lead. But it mean Liam has to ditch everything he believes in and open his mind to a conjecture that defied logic.

As he struggles with his own demons, Liam joins forces with a pretty student and a Mysterious Vodou witch doctor to stop whatever it is that holds New Orleans in its bloody grasp.

Time is of the essence.
The bodies are piling up.
And now the monster has Liam in its sights.
The Primal Series is complete. Immerse yourself in this fantastic Urban Fantasy series. Click on the image above to buy the first book in this thrilling series. 
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Happy reading.


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