I can’t live without a book. 
I have to have at least one book that I am currently reading and preferably two or more waiting their turn. 
So for me, the answer is “yes” I do need a new book. If you have a suggestion, please mail me at info@moniquesingleton.com
I read different genres. Urban Fantasy, of course, but also thrillers and historical tales like Shogun and Ronin. I love to immerse myself in another world. Travel without leaving my home. That’s quite a bonus at the moment with Covid. Even though restrictions are easing in some countries, we are still a long way off from actually visiting other places, so books, internet and films are the next best option. 
Yes, on Internet and in films you can see other places, but I prefer to read about it. That way I can combine the actual with my own imagination. This will probably not mirror real life, but it sure will fulfil my fantasy and make the experience as perfect as it can be for me. 

Describing a real place and real people puts big pressure on authors. As an Urban Fantasy author I write paranormal stories in our world. That means the places I describe must be recognisable to my readers. There is no world building like in for instance Lord of the Rings. London has to be London. Paris is Paris, and so on. 
I feel this is a basic respect I owe the people in those places that I incorporate in my stories. 
The only way I can truly describe the scenes correctly is to either go there or research the be-jee-bas out of it. I usually do the last. I go onto Internet and read what I can find about the places and the people. I also love to immerse myself in the cultures and habits of the countries I use in my books. 

Take for instance the Primal Series. Two of the books in the series find the protagonist in New Zealand. Our heroine is immersed in the Maori culture which also forms a central element in the whole five book series. 
I researched a lot for those books. Because it has to be right. And also because it is so fascinating. I tried to keep as close to reality as possible, though I did take some liberties where needed to fit the story. I attempted to keep these variants in line with the Maori values.

It’s always a very nervous time when I release a book and wait for the first reviews. Not just to hear whether the book is appreciated, but also, or sometimes mainly, to see if i got it right. 
In the case of the Primal Series, I received a mail from a reader with Maori relatives who thanked me for keeping everything so authentic. 
It warmed my heart. I can’t get any better praise than that.
Another reader thanked me for describing places of outstanding beauty in New Zealand so well that they became enthusiastic to visit all the sites using the story as a travel guide. 
So funny, when you consider I have never really been there myself.  
If you want to visit a country without leaving the comfort of your armchair, try a book
Here are some more great books from friends. 



Sometimes super powers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be…

Kate has enough problems – a boss that’s a little too friendly, a sex life that’s non-existent, and a cat with zero tolerance for late meals. The last thing she needs is to be kidnapped, even if it is by a hot Brit.

Afterwards, she’s mysteriously returned and has no memory of what happened. She learns, with the help of an eccentric sexy woman, that she’s been modified – given a power unique to her talents. Sounds cool, right? It would be if she knew how to use it without killing everyone around her…

Modified is a funny, sexy, geeky romp about the trouble of acquiring an unexpected and inherently evil super power. Full of offbeat characters, profanity, and just enough deliciously wicked thoughts, you’ll love this fun series.



When the gods turn bad…
…shifters come out to play.

I’m Autumn, an Infernal reaper, and I’m bound to my sexy-as-hell rebel gods by their shifter spirits. When Hades, scorching hot King of the Underworld and savage hell hound, hunts me through the Eternal Forest, I’m caught in his dangerous spell.

Why does my Soul whisper that he’s fated to be mine?
He’s a giant of muscles and midnight black hair and the wickedest god of them all. But why has he forgotten that he’s the god of death? When a lethal threat, which should’ve stayed buried in the underworld, comes back to stalk Hades, can we survive the coming shadows?

Yet each of my gods — Loki, Ra, and Hades — hide deadly secrets. My demon and kitsune lovers are magical rogues, who are equally as haunted by their perilous pasts.
They’re my Guardians: the enemy, royalty, friend, virgin, and second chance. They’re also my obsession…and secret protectors.
When the gods are rebels, the demons are wicked, and the shifters are savage, it’s lucky that I love bad boys…

The Primal Series is complete. Immerse yourself in this fantastic Urban Fantasy series. Click on the image above to buy the first book in this thrilling series. 
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