The Prophecy is available now 
for 99 cents. 

Get your copy now, this discount will only last for a short time!!!

The second book in the Prophecy series is available as of today. Be sure to get your copy before the discount ends and the price reverts to the regular 4,99
The book can easily be read as a stand alone, even though it’s the second in the series. 
Join Trish and her rag tag army as they prepare to take on the most powerful organisation ever: the Paranormal Council. 
This book has unexpected turns and twists, and new frightening adversaries, 
definitely a great book to curl up with in these dark days before Christmas.
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And on another note:

Holland has just gone back into lockdown like many European countries. 
Terrible timing and definitely horrendous for the small businesses who were counting on the holiday season to save what has been a disastrous year. I feel for all of the bars, restaurants and hotels who’s future is hanging on a thread. And of course for all of the people who are alone and lonely with no relief in sight. My thoughts go out to the sick and those heroes who care for them day and night. 

This is not the way we had envisioned Christmas 2020 to be. 
But maybe we can do that little extra for others that will still make this the season of good cheer. 
Send a card. 
Phone a loved one, or just someone you know will be alone. 
Do the shopping for those less fortunate than us. 
Lend a helping hand to people in need. 
Not only will it help them, it will also help you to feel the warmth of togetherness. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, or any other holiday, they all revolve around the same thing: bringing warmth to others. 
So let’s take this opportunity to spread a little warmth and love.

This is my last newsletter of 2020 & I just want to thank you for making it as good a year as it could possibly be. 
I wish you all very happy Holidays and a fantastic start to what will be a better year. I have faith in that and hope you do too. 

Here are some more books from friends to while away the time inside in these dark months.  



Meet Nyx Ashwood; sentenced to death for supposedly murdering her foster father, saved by Darius Valeran—but why did he help her?

Nyx, a fae mind whisperer, has no idea she has magic. When Darius saves her from certain death, she knows there’s more than he’s telling her about herself, his motives, and his plans for her.

Darius is the son of the Archdruid; a position of privilege and power. Along with everyone else, he believed the mind whispers to be extinct. None have been seen in a generation after the Arhdruid wiped them all out. Yet here is Nyx, living proof they’re not all gone. His brother believes Nyx is part of an ancient prophecy that could either save their world… or destroy it.
When a rift opens to the underworld, Darius realizes that Nyx might be the only one that can help him discover who opened it and why. Except not only does she not know she has powers, she has no control over them. But if they don’t work together, evil spirits and monsters will destroy their world.



Olde Earth Academy

Before Layla Holden can start her freshman year at Coltin High, she receives an unexpected invitation to attend a private school she’s never heard of. She doesn’t hesitate to accept, eager to escape the close-minded small town where she’s been taunted and teased for seeing otherworldly creatures. Anywhere has to be better than home.

Yet she’s only permitted to go if she brings her twin sister Sabine along for the ride.

Inside the walls of the castle-like fortress on the isolated campus, the girls find many secrets and hidden mysteries. Layla’s never shied from challenges and is determined to pass her first year. However, with more unusual and bigger monsters lurking at the school, she struggles to keep her ability a secret. On top of the pressure to succeed in the competitive school, she also attracts the attention of a new student, Flynn Madsen. He’s not the only one who’s curious about her, but he seems to have the same gift of sensing these supernatural beings.

In a new school, it’s impossible to know who to trust and what to believe. By keeping her own secrets closely guarded, Layla has to have faith in herself. Not her bookish roomie, not the cute new boy who seems too curious about her. Because sometimes holding your own secrets can overpower the need to unravel others—a fine balance of controlling your fears or letting them destroy you.



A different kind of danger arises when a romance author meets a real life Alpha shifter.

Tall, sexy, smug, confident, and covered in mouthwatering tattoos, Walt Lupinski is determined to bring his Clan out of their ‘old way is the best way’ mentality that leaves them currently in danger. He can’t afford any distractions, let alone a fated mate, to get in the way. Especially when it’s against the Good of the Clan law to be with her.

When romance author Andy Cryder discovers her fiancé fulfilling one of his secret desires with their real estate agent, she takes off, not expecting to end up stranded on a desolate mountain…or to be rescued by a group of hot men that look more cut out to be on her book covers than in her real life.

For the first time in her life, Andy feels like she belongs. That is, until their Alpha walks in. What unfolds between Andy and Walt could change everything for the better…or destroy two families for good.

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Thanks again for reading my newsletter.
Happy holidays and all the best for 2021. 
May your read many good books in the new year. 


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