There are so many ways to “read” a book. You could go old-school and get a printed version, read on your e-reader, stream through a virtual library or even lay back, close your eyes and listen to your favourite stories.
Everyone has their preference. One format, or maybe more. You can pick and chose. Fantastic. 

As a reader this is the time of limitless opportunity to consume your books. The pandemic has increased reading habits over the whole world. More and more people are turning to books as a thankful release from the challenges that face us all at this moment in time.  
Books are a release. A compensation. A chance to run way from your day-to-day life. And with all the options there are today, there will be at least one that suits you. 

As an author this means that we have to make our stories available in all of the different formats and through different media. That’s quite a challenge. As writers, our forte is stories, not necessarily the technical details needed to be able to offer our books in all the required media. We do not have the necessary knowledge to do all of this ourselves. Thankfully we don’t have to. There are many companies, like Amazon, D2D, Smashwords, and many many more, that aid us authors in making this a reality. I can publish ebooks, print on demand books in any format via several channels. 
The same applies for Audiobooks.
Now Audiobooks is not something i have tried yet. I’d love to, it just seems so overwhelming. 
Not to mention, expensive. I’m and Independent author, an Indie. That means that I publish my own books. The percentages on sales are way higher than with traditional publishing, but so are the costs. They all come down to me. 
And believe me, narrating and editing an audio version of one of my books is very expensive. 
I understand why. There is a lot of work involved. People’s time costs money, and rightly so. But as an Indie I can’t afford it. 
The first book in my Primal Series would wind up as a 9 hour audio book. That would mean many times that as basic material to edit from. 
Anyway. It’s expensive.

Now the big characteristic of an Indie author is that we “do it ourselves”.
We write, we take care of the formatting, the editing (outsourced mostly, but we organise), the marketing, the whole lot. 
And yes, we can can also do our own Audiobooks. 

So what did I do?
I bought a course on do-it-yourself high-quality audiobooks. 
I’m fortunate to have a lot of room in my farm house, so I can easily turn one of the rooms into a home audio studio. I can do try outs, tests and see whether this is an option.
To tell you the truth, it’s looking good. it’s exciting too. 

If all goes well, I hope te have the first of my books: Primal Nature, available as an Audiobook by the end of this year. 
That would be fantastic. Another check on my bucket-list.
So watch this space for more information and a running commentary on how I’m progressing. 

In the meantime: here are some more books to tackle your fancy.



A cursed ring. A forgotten grave. A magical enemy. Can Annabella escape her family’s fate?

Annabella has done her best to put behind her all memories of her childhood being raised as an unwanted ward in the gothic family mansion. As the secretary to the flamboyant Errol, Duke of Winchester, she’s seen the world and avoided her family’s clutches.

But now she must return to that elegantly-decayed, antebellum house on the historic Battery in Charleston, South Carolina, where the “moonlight and magnolias” atmosphere hides some deadly family secrets. Returning for the wake of her aged relative, Henrietta, who hasn’t left her South of Broad showplace for decades, Annabella walks into the chilly embrace of her Cousin Beatrix and the woman’s much-too-attractive new assistant, Armand, whose words of encouragement and warning keep arriving inexplicably in her mind.

In just a few hours, the house reclaims her. She finds herself waking up in her deceased relative’s bed and clothes, Henrietta’s ring on an unremovable chain around her neck. And, even as she begins to realize that magic is real and her friends and Armand hope to save her with it, it’s starting to look as though the terrifying mansion and its demonic secrets may never let her leave.



She lost everything, and now, she may just lose herself.

Kayla Lewell hasn’t been the same since the death of Alex Barrister, a death brought about by her own hands while possessed by a demon. She blamed herself, she blamed the Warrior of the Way, and she blamed the Cauldron Coven. Unable to handle her grief, she turned her back on them all and walked away.

Tansy Paxton heard the whispers of the newest coven in Harbor City, a group darker than the others. She intended to keep her distance, focus on her own coven, but someone is siphoning magic, creating a Darkness that threatens the city. At first, she intends to leave it to the police, her coven having risked enough to save their town, but then she discovers Kayla is somehow involved with the Daughters of Darkness. Can Tansy save the young girl before she becomes the next sacrifice



Conrad- *Growls as his eyes flash from blue to brown.* I’m Conrad and I’ve been searching the world for a mate. But I’ve been summoned home by my alpha to celebrate his next dragonling. *Tries not to roll his eyes.* Look I’m glad for him and all but this fucking sucks watching while not having a mate. I’m surely doomed to go into a raging dragon soon but then I see her. Blonde locks to her perfect ass and blue eyes. My dragon and I agree she’s the one. But it’s turning out hard to convince her. If you’re ready to give my book a go, preorder your copy. Yes, it’s in a series but the romance, my romance stands alone. And I promise to make you drool. *Winks.* See you on the pages.



Bite or be bitten.

Are you ready to journey into the sinful world of vampires? Awesome, because this limited edition boxed set contains nine all-new, full-length novels starring everyone’s favorite creature of the night… and it’s waiting for you!

Some characters will bite.
Others will be bitten.
All have a lust for blood.
Do you?



Limited offer. 
only for e-books. 
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Happy reading.


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