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Assassin’s Choice is still available for only 99 cents. But hurry, only 2 more days. Just click on the image above. 

Assassin’s Choice was published last week Tuesday and is proving to be very popular. i’ve extended the discount for another two days, then it will revert back to the normal $4,99.

The reviews are coming in as well, pretty good up to now 🙂 

This newsletter is a bit different than my previous ones. I’m concentrating all attention on one author: Charmaine Ross. Charmaine is a fantastic Fantasy-PNR author from Australia. 

Charmaine’s first foray into romance was as a fourteen year old where she fell hopelessly and eternally in love with her hero as only a teenager can. Instead of watching movies and staying up late, she would go to bed at eight thirty and continue her very romantic, very safe, love affair.

Since then, she has fallen in love with many heroes, some less safe than what her teenage brain could possibly imagine. After earning a Fine Art’s Degree, a Diploma of Secondary Education and a Diploma of Marketing, she worked as a Graphic Designer in various advertising agencies and as well as in-house marketing roles and is currently involved with digital marketing and everything web in her current position. But she always returns to writing.

Although she has travelled, she always returns to her home town of Melbourne and lives with her husband, two children and two cats in the ferny-greens of the Dandenongs. If she’s not working on her latest romance and falling in love with yet another hero, you’ll find her reading, watching and basically indulging in her addiction to any story on any media type she can get her fingers on.

You can find information about her latest releases as well as excerpts on all of her published books here:

Facebook: w 

Remember I told you about a new book I’m working on for the Fairy Tale reselling? Well, here are some of Charmaine’s twisted fairy tale sexy re-tellings to introduce you to the genre. 



What’s a street-wise thief to do when she’s blackmailed by an evil palace guard over-lord into a magical cave and stumbles on not one, but four genies?

I mean, when you’re told you’re the ‘True Treasure’ that can end a curse of a thousand years and set four totally hot genies free, some sacrifices have to be made. Accepting her fate without enjoying it isn’t one of them.

Can Aladina end the curse and set her genies free? Can she save the street-orphans that rely on her for their survival?
And can she please find something to wear instead of the magical carpet that loves her curves just as much as her genies?

Warning: 18+ readers only. This is a Reverse Harem take on Aladdin. If you like your fairytales twisted up and a little bit sexy, then try Aladina. One sassy heroine and four hot genies set to sizzle.


Sexy, a little bit naughty and a whole lot of fun.

Dumped at the altar by Douchebag Derrick, I decided my best course of action was to go on the Hornbag Honeymoon cruise of a lifetime – alone.
What the hell was I thinking?
And just like any self-respecting woman, I got so drunk I fell over the safety rail and into the warm waters of the Pacific. Way to go Arielle.
​Although certain death was imminent, I was rescued not only by one sexy-as-sin powerful merr-king. His brothers also had their say in what they wanted to do to me. Then colour me pink and call me surprised when they said I was their Fated Mate and that I was going to save their kingdom. Through bonding sex.

That’s when I knew this was one big dream and it was my brain easing my way to the afterlife fuelled by my biggest secret sexual fantasy. Way to go brain.​

But when I was abducted by a giant carnivorous octopus who digested people over the better part of a week, who was the pet of a psychotic megalomaniac intent on overtaking the world – and claiming me as his mate in the process – I knew I wasn’t stuck in some dream. No, that would be a much better alternative.​

This was real and I was in trouble.

And another box set that also features one of Charmaine’s books



Romance with a Bite will capture the heart of anyone who loves the bite of a sexy vamp, the growl of an Alpha wolf, or the sensual mystery of a fae prince or princess.
If you adore paranormal romance with an edge, this LIMITED EDITION collection will satisfy your every craving.
Vampires, shapeshifters, witches and fae – mythical creatures abound in these ten steamy romances that will leave you shivering with delight.
Box-set includes:
Banshee Cry by USA Today bestselling author Jen Katemi
Biting Temptation by USA Today bestselling author Kim Cleary
The Vampire Queen by USA Today bestselling author Tamsin Baker
Taken by the Vampires by Charmaine Ross
Phoenix Rising by Jess Devine
Wild Orchid by Emily Hussey
Moonlight Bite by Elvina Payet
Undying Night by Andra As
Her Biker’s Bite by Michelle Somers writing as ML Winters
The Vampire’s Mate by Josie Caporetto

ALL stories are BRAND NEW and EXCLUSIVE to the boxset.

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