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I didn’t make USA best seller list. 
Not this time. 
No worries. I’ve learnt a lot and next year will be my year. I’m going to be in 2 box sets next year to try again.
What I did achieve in October was International Bestselling Author for two separate books. One for the Box Set that put us in the nr 1 spot in 5 countries and last week for Nature of The Beast, the second book in the Primal series, that was number one in Australia and Canada, and nr 3 in the UK. Not bad, if I say so my self. 🙂
I’m nearly finished writing the last book in the Primal series: Knife’s Edge. I’m so excited to hear what you all think of it. But you’ll have to wait until December the 3rd. That’s the publication date. 
I’ll try to fit in the first few chapters in the next newsletter.
In the meantime the evenings are getting longer as autumn sets in. If your weather is anything like here, then it’s drab and wet. A great time to sit indoors, next to the fire or heating and read, read, read.
Enjoy the books in this newsletter and for those of you who don’t have it yet, I’ve included the links to Warmonger, my free book in the Primal Series. 
Happy reading





Great news for those wary of selling their soul to the Devil. Just take out a loan instead!

Darcie Rose is Satan’s top Substitute Soul, tasked with temporarily replacing the eager living souls who sign a deal with the Devil. The exchange is a simple one. They receive a Lucifer-facilitated status boost when they return to their body, and Darcie earns a temporary reprieve from Hell. But there are two rules she must abide by if she wants to stay on Luci’s good side:
1.) Avoid her former life now that she is an accidental murderess.
2.) Never expose proof of a demonic Hell in the presence of humans.
Easy as pudding… until now.

Something’s glitched, and Darcie’s sent Earth-side without the necessary details of whose body she’s inhabiting. Even Hell can’t compare to coming face-to-face with her former fiancé, and taxidermy animals rising from the dead like a macabre puppet show.
Can Darcie regain control of a job quickly spiraling out of control? Or will this slip up get her banished to the torturous bowels of Hell?


She’ll have her revenge—even if it destroys her chance at love.
Vampire Laima is out for blood. Not to drink, to shed. This time the evil sister who has ruined her life again and again has gone too far when she puts a curse on Laima’s grandson. Now the hunt is on, and Laima won’t rest until her sister is dead.
There’s just one problem. She can’t do it alone, and her coven can’t find out. So she turns to her more-than-a-friend Imants to help her get revenge.
But Imants has trouble of his own. With his missing daughter sold into sex trafficking, he
must find her before she winds up dead or forever lost. As much as he wants to help Laima, he must convince her that killing her sister will forever doom her to darkness. When she abandons her quest to help him, he hopes the fire between them might be enough to change her mind.
Then her coven issues Imants a three day order to turn in Laima or face deadly consequences. With life and love hanging in the balance as they battle death, Laima must make her final choice—a life with Imants or the revenge that means an eternity in darkness



I was warned…

…don’t fall for the sinfully beautiful werewolves.
But even a badass witch can’t resist three scorching hot shifters, even if they’re my deadly enemy in an ancient war.
They call me the Crimson Tide. I’m the last of the Wolf Charmers: hunted witches whose magical powers control wolves.
As a witch hiding from my dark past – and the murder of my parents by werewolves – I must survive by one rule:

# Rule 1: Never trust the angelic perfection of an Omega
Unlucky for the Oxford coven who call me back home from America, I suck at following rules. When I’m forced to claim three gorgeous British shifter princes from rival Wolf Kingdoms, I can’t help loving and protecting them as pack, even if they hold their own dangerous secrets.
Yet the deeper I tumble into the mysterious world of pretty monsters, the further I spiral into sinister peril.
Am I right to trust an Omega? Has my whole life been a lie?
When my aunt’s cruel coven and the bullying Alphas test my Wolf Charmer powers, I’ll either discover what I’m capable of and who I truly am…

…or I’ll die.



How long would you wait?
How long could you hope?

Within just two years, more than five billion people disappeared, leaving no trace behind. When her parents vanish, Leanne clings to hope and waits for them to come home, all the while worrying she’s losing her brother to a local gang.
When a missing girl returns, Leanne sees her chance to get some answers. But as the world unravels around her, it releases horrors that were best kept hidden.
And she’s not the only one wanting to know. Can they stay ahead of those who will kill for the truth, and survive to face a future they can’t even imagine?



Vampire venom runs through her veins. But in her heart, she’s vowed to kill every last one of them.
Lone hunter Amanda burns for revenge. After years of torture at the hands of the bloodsucker king, she’s determined to destroy the creatures who enslaved her. But a pitched battle with her tormentor ends in a stalemate and leaves her alone in the wastelands—grievously wounded.

Rescued and healed by a mysterious stranger, Amanda and her new ally set off for the last fortified human city. But when she learns her old nemesis plots to raze it to the ground, she fears she won’t arrive in time to prevent the massacre.

Can Amanda find her way to the town before a rabid feeding frenzy decimates the inhabitants?



The last time my teacher laid a hand on me, he almost killed me.
I can’t believe I married that fuc… I mean, my college professor. You think this sh*t we blandly call domestic abuse doesn’t happen to someone like me, a nerd smart enough to get her PhD in her twenties and becomes a professor herself. Well, it does.
But don’t you dare feel sorry for me. The monster is behind bars for now, and I’ve moved to Forest Grove, Oregon to start fresh.
Where the worst is already over. Where it’s safe from monsters. Right?
Forest Grove is swarming with…danger. The kind you only read about in paranormal romance books. I’m talking vampires, shifters like wolves, huge wolves that come in twins, and many more.
P.S. They are NOT smoking as hell beasts who swoon and fall in love with you forever like they tell you in those reads. Well, the smoking as hell part, yes…of course…how else will they mess with your head…but not the second part.
And each beast thinks they have some sort of claim on me. What the hell?



Save the world?
Sure, I can do that.
Do it from high school?
Wish me luck.

I didn’t come to the Academy alone—the Legion of Immortals fell through that portal with me. These aren’t normal guys; they’re ancient warriors cursed into slavery by a vengeful god. Half-feral, incredibly dangerous, and ridiculously, drop-dead gorgeous. Oh right, and I’m the one supposed to keep them in line.
Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if they like me. Or want me. Or if I secretly want them.
We’re here to do a job. I just hope being influenced by high school gossip, politics, and hormones doesn’t derail us from the plan.
Can any of us find what we need at this gods-forsaken place?
And what if what we need to get through this nightmare is one another?



They’ve been betrayed. Two fallen angels are dead, and Tierney’s father is missing.

As a private investigator, Tierney should be able to locate him, but as an immortal on the cusp of her dragon powers awakening, she knows his disappearance isn’t human related. Have the druid witches that kill without discretion finally found them?

While Tierney searches for her father, the man she loves abandons her. Secrets and lies are revealed, and from skin and scale arises a broken beast of sorrow …

What evil will be uncloaked by ancient magic?

Get Dracones Awakening today because time is running out to feel your savage heart soar.




Hired to assassinate the woman he loves…
Abel hasn’t seen Lizzie in at least seven years, and his experiences since then have changed him significantly. He’s sure he’s moved past his earlier crush, that he’s immune to her carefree and bubbly personality, but the moment his eyes land on her, he knows he’s still in love.
Instead of a joyful reunion, though, he only suffers agony at being in her presence again.
Because he’s being blackmailed into murdering her.

And there’s no way out. The Shadow Prophet has vowed to kill everyone Abel holds dear if he doesn’t complete the job. Abel has tried everything he can think of to break the contract, but nothing has worked, and he has nowhere to turn.
Complicating things further, he gets recruited by a second client to help Lizzie achieve an impossible mission. One where they must work closely together while hunting immortal demons. One that will either destroy him or force him to kill her before he’s found a way out—before he’s ready to do it.
But how can a man ever be ready to murder the woman he loves?
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