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When do you read? 

I love to read in the bath, or outside in the shade on a nice sunny day. Recently, I have started to read in the train on the way back from work if the day has been a challenging one. I prefer the old fashioned paper versions when it comes to my books, but in the train I read on the kindle app on my computer. 
As an author, one of the things I should do is keep up with what is being published. That’s no chore for me, because I love to read. Any excuse I get is good enough to get me to curl up on the chair, music in the background, and loose myself in a new adventure. 
I read all kinds of books as long as they are adventures or thrillers. Fantasy, Mystery, Crime. All kinds. I guess they were the foundation for the ideas that fuel my own books. That and comics. I used to read tons and tons of comics. I had a friend in England who had a massive collection of comics. All the Marvel originals, D.C Comics, Conan, Ka-Zar, the whole lot. When we would go to visit I would lock myself up in his comic room and carefully read all the comics. He even allowed me to take the first-prints out of their plastic containers so I could immerse myself in the stories. 
Now, I find that the seeds that were planted then have evolved into my own fantasy. There are influences, of course there are. But I hope that my stories are my own. 
I’m progressing nicely with two books at the moment. The sequel to Into The Lion’s Den, (currently without a title) that will be quite a surprise. And the book from the Box set that I told you about in my last newsletter. That book will be the first in a new series. Next time I’ll give you a preview of the cover and the title. 

In the meantime. Here are some books that I’m going to read, and the free prequel of my Primal Series.

Click on the images and see of they are for you. 

And just in case you haven’t read Warmonger yet:

Warmonger is also available on Amazon now. As a printed book and a free e-book. Just click on the image here and you will be sent to Amazon.

Can one woman save an immortal race on the brink of extinction?

Laura Whitney is the newest member of the Paranormal Intelligence Agency. Too bad she feels like a complete fraud. Failing sections of her training didn’t stop the P.I.A. from passing her, because no one has a talent like hers. Unfortunately, it’s killing her.
Valentino Moretti had forsaken his race long ago. Now, on the brink of extinction, with his demon long gone from the world he welcomes his death. He feels nothing.

When his brother is assassinated and the P.I.A. is called in to investigate, Valentino vows to avenge his murder before seeking his death but the new agent sent in to interview him changes everything. With his demon awakening for a woman that shouldn’t exist and an unseen foe seeking his destruction. Can this predator tame the beast within long enough to ensnare the heart of the only human alive that can save him?


She thinks she can run from me?
That’s. Not. Happening.
Roan, a second generation, engineered power-holder, fights to stay one step ahead of Oculus, the organization responsible for his astounding abilities.
But while breaking into a warehouse that’s owned by Oculus, Roan comes across another…prettier…thief.
Kimberly has her own reasons for hunting Oculus – and she’s not sharing those reasons with this overbearing, bossy, hulk of a guy who thinks he rescued her.
He has no idea what she can do.
She could kill him with the touch of a finger and he’d never know what hit him. In fact, even Kimberly doesn’t understand why her blood is deadly to anyone who touches it…but Oculus knows why.
And she’s determined to find the answers to her black widow destiny.
If she joins powers with Roan, will they really have a better chance of unlocking the secrets that Oculus is hiding?
Or is Roan just another undercover agent se
nt to capture her?
To trust, or not to trust…
Or should she just destroy him first – before he gets another chance to destroy her?



She hunts for truth and revenge. But some battles can’t be won with fangs and claws alone…
3 books of shifters and sorcery. 1,000+ pages of nonstop paranormal suspense.
Joey just lost her best friend. As the shifter mourns his death, she fiercely vows to discover how someone so nearly unstoppable was put down. But her fight for answers uncovers a shocking truth: werewolves aren’t the only supernatural creatures prowling in the night…

Surrounded by threats she never thought possible, Joey battles ruthless kidnappers, changing alliances, and fierce rivals. But the hunt takes her farther and farther away from her familiar home. And Joey dreads that giving her trust too freely will doom her and the ones she loves to a grisly fate…

With innocent lives at stake, can Joey slay impossible enemies without becoming their next bloody victim?



With all the other fish in the sea, your first crush needn’t be human.

Shade and her best friend, Kai Zahnii, begin their freshman year at Ocean View College. Located on a secret island off the coast of California, Ocean View is a special place specifically designed to train students with magical abilities. Shade is a ghost whisperer. Kai is an empath and healer with the innate ability to become a Navajo shaman. On campus, their worldview is expanded as they meet witches, faeries, selkies, shapeshifters and others like themselves.

Ocean View has incredible facilities and buildings that look like castles. Down by the sea, merpeople interact with students. In the waters off a remote stretch of beach, Shade meets a merman with whom she falls deeply in love. Everything seems idyllic and magical. That is, until Shade discovers a horrible secret about the college, one that will haunt her dreams and waking moments.


25 Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy novels for only 99c.

PLUS your preorder qualifies you for a FREE GIFT!

Get 13 extra ebooks absolutely free


a free anthology written by the contributing authors!



Caroline Capello doesn’t take chances.

A graduate student at the prestigious University of Chicago, Caroline dedicates her carefully-planned life to the serious, academic study of mythology. Until a god shows up in her bedroom.
Loki, the enigmatic and irresistibly sexy Norse god, doesn’t get attached. When he appears in Caroline’s apartment late at night, cuts her clothes down the middle, and rocks her studious world in ways she couldn’t even imagine, they both assume one night together is all they’ll have.
But as their one night fling turns into something more serious, Caroline finds herself drawn into a dangerous world where the myths she studies become terrifyingly real. When the clouds of Ragnarok, the apocalyptic end to all Nine Realms, begin to gather on the horizon, Caroline must decide if she is willing to risk everything to save her mercurial lover.

If she fails, there’s far more than just Loki’s life on the line.

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