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Have you been the subject of an April 1st joke yet? 

This is traditionally the day to play a practical joke on some one, all in good fun. That last part is the most important. It’s for a laugh. And everyone, even the “victim” has to enjoy the experience. 
The best April 1st prank ever, in my opinion, was the legendary Spaghetti Harvest in Ticino from 1957. I didn’t watch it on the day, I wasn’t around then, but it is and always will be a winner. 

I’d love to hear what your favourite april fool’s day prank is.
Send me a mail at and I’ll feature the best ones in my next newsletter.
Looking forward to your jokes.

The box set of the first three books in the Primal Series is available now at all your favourite e-book sellers. The paperback will be a bit of a problem, as there is a limit to the number of pages allowed on Amazon, and the three books together exceeds the max by quite a lot. I’m looking into other options. 

Warmonger is also available on Amazon now. As a printed book and a free e-book. Just click on the image here and you will be sent to Amazon.



My name is Trixie Towers.
The adventure of my life is on the horizon. I can feel it.
It’s lingering in my bones, in my elven soul. When my grandmother pays me an unexpected visit she says it’s time for me to return home to my father, the King of the Elves. That my father needs me, that change is in the air.

I am the elven heir, their princess. And I’m needed. Finally.
What awaits me is nothing I could have imagined.

Quests with our enemies for ancient artifacts?
The giants awakening to crush the earth as we know it?
Oh, and an unwanted, outlawed soul mating?
My father would strangle me for that last one.

I hadn’t planned for any of this. But it’s happening.
My name is Trixie Towers, and this is my shocking journey.



She thinks she can run from me?
That’s. Not. Happening.
Roan, a second generation, engineered power-holder, fights to stay one step ahead of Oculus, the organization responsible for his astounding abilities.
But while breaking into a warehouse that’s owned by Oculus, Roan comes across another…prettier…thief.
Kimberly has her own reasons for hunting Oculus – and she’s not sharing those reasons with this overbearing, bossy, hulk of a guy who thinks he rescued her.
He has no idea what she can do.
She could kill him with the touch of a finger and he’d never know what hit him. In fact, even Kimberly doesn’t understand why her blood is deadly to anyone who touches it…but Oculus knows why.
And she’s determined to find the answers to her black widow destiny.
If she joins powers with Roan, will they really have a better chance of unlocking the secrets that Oculus is hiding?
Or is Roan just another undercover agent sent to capture her?

To trust, or not to trust…
Or should she just destroy him first – before he gets another chance to destroy her?



A cheerleader with a reputation. A ghost who wants justice. Two lives bound together until the killer is found.

Sonora’s popularity means more to her than a new Michael Kors purse. With Fall Fling around the corner, she’s on the lookout for the perfect gown in the small Texas town. But a ghost has different plans.

When her best friend’s body floats ashore Brushy Creek, Sonora is haunted by the corpse-like spirit. The incessant ghost refuses to leave the cheerleader alone. She must risk death and sanity to find her friend’s killer. If Sonora isn’t careful, she’ll be the next victim.



My name is Jess Layton, aka The Crazy Girl With Self Destructive Tendencies, The Freak, and The One Whose Parents Burned To Death.

Yeah, I’m not digging those labels either. Which is why I’m starting fresh, putting it all behind me. No more bad boys, no more debauchery, and no more inexplicable, magical outbursts.
Or at least, I would be, if not for the 6ft vision of sinister, inked-up perfection who started stalking me. And don’t even mention the equally hot twin brother crawling around under my skin. They radiate danger like a seductive spell; and danger is my favorite word.

There’s Zac — eternally brooding, fighting the darkness within.
Then there’s Alex —disarmingly playful, evil wrapped up in a pretty package.
Did I mention they’re vampires? With sibling rivalry spanning nearly a century they despise each other, and I’m stuck in the middle of their game.
Zac’s touch feels like the very thing I’ve spent my life chasing. But if he’s so right for me, what is this haunting desire that burns inside for Alex?
Just how far will my insatiable appetite for all things dark and dangerous take me?

While you think of some great pranks, here’s some books for you to read.

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