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Primal Nature made Amazon Bestseller in four different categories in June. 

The past few weeks have been very hectic here in a good way. Thank you all for your mails and your congratulations on my bestseller status. I’m sorry that I haven’t answered you all yet. but I will do very soon. The same goes for everyone who applied to be in the ARC team. 
Yesterday was a real blast from the past for me. I went to a music festival here in Holland called Bospop. It’s tailored to the more “mature” public. Ok, you could say the “older” rockers, but mature sounds a lot nicer. Anyway, the bands featured played the songs that I grew up with, and they did a great job as well. We had the relaxing Reggae of UB40 and the energetic new-wave rock by Simple Minds just to name a few. If these bands don’t mean anything to you, don’t worry, their biggest fame was at the end of the last century. Yep, the 1900-somethings. 🙂
It was a great day. We had wonderful weather, lots of sunshine, great friends, good food and great music. It all shouted “Laid back Summer” to me. 

I always read a lot in the summer. Mostly books that I have been saving over the previous busy months. But sometimes books that I’ve already read before.
There are some books that come back to haunt me–in a good way. Books that I can read again and again. Usually, I’ll only read a book once, especially thrillers, because after one read I know the plot. But sometimes books come along that really are stayers. ‘The Wolf’s Hour” by Robbert R McCammon is one of those. It was my first foray into shapeshifting heros and I was hooked from the start.

Do you have any specific books in the Fantasy or supernatural genres that got you interested to read more? I’d love to hear which ones? And what it was that hooked you?

If you don’t have a favourite book yet, take a look at the choices below, maybe there’s one there that will take your fantasy.

Books, books and more books. 



31st Century Gladiator; her motto, LIVE FREE OR DIE! In a post-apocalyptic America, one sisterhood is out to change the world in this Sci-Fi & Fantasy prequel novella to the highly acclaimed novel LAND of the Free!

On the road to FREEDOM, a beautiful, young martial arts expert; she whose broad stripes and bright stars dazzle in the arena; begins a perilous fight seeking liberty and justice for all. In the year 3015 the nation is broken, the powerful Y-Wood Corporation, a boy’s club for wealthy men govern the country with advanced technology, and elite robotics.


However, one enhanced, patriotic sisterhood, The Mystical Slayers are about to kick some butt and change the world.
Today, the United States of America has fallen into great despair.
The advent of advanced technology, AI, robotics, and a power-hungry corporation rule the nation. However, there is hope. A WONDER WOMAN like sisterhood of enhanced, highly intelligent, patriotic martial arts masters are out to make the country free again.


Samantha, a feisty private investigator knows how to handle herself around cheaters, liars, and thieves but vampires? That’s another story.
During a routine investigation Samantha’s seemingly ordinary life is turned upside down when she crosses paths with a mysterious vampire. Adam’s as terrifying as he is alluring.
His attention towards Samantha inadvertently draws the eye of Adam’s enemy. Samantha doesn’t trust Adam, but he could be the only thing standing between her and death.
Sam’s neighbor and recent crush is hiding something. Gabriel knows more about vampires than a mild-mannered professor should, but who is Gabriel Devereux, really?

The clock is running out for Sam to save herself and those closest to her, but can she survive a game played by beautiful monsters…without becoming one?

Start the series fans describe as “Twilight meets Sookie.”



A cheerleader with a reputation. A ghost who wants justice. Two lives bound together until the killer is found.

Sonora’s popularity means more to her than a new Michael Kors purse. With Fall Fling around the corner, she’s on the lookout for the perfect gown in the small Texas town. But a ghost has different plans.
When her best friend’s body floats ashore Brushy Creek, Sonora is haunted by the corpse-like spirit. The incessant ghost refuses to leave the cheerleader alone. She must risk death and sanity to find her friend’s killer. If Sonora isn’t careful, she’ll be the next victim.



For one superhero, the good guys can be deadlier than the bad guys.

Jillian Johnson, known as the mighty Battlecry, was born into a superhero cult. She craves a life of freedom, far away from her violent and abusive team leader, Patrick. With no education, no money, and no future to speak of, she’s stuck in the dangerous life…until she meets the mysterious and compelling Benjamin, a civilian with superpowers. When Patrick confronts her, she fights back–and then runs for her life. One by one, her ex-teammates join her until a new team has formed.
But Patrick will not let his upstart teammates get away so easily. Humiliated and hellbent on vengeance, he waits for his chance to strike back and kill the new team, and he is happy to murder superheroes and civilians alike. On top of that, Benjamin has joined Jillian and her comrades, angering his own lethal family. Jillian’s enemies begin to close in from all sides.
Desperate and in hiding, Jillian must shed everything she thinks she knows about what it means to lead. Can she rise up to the challenge of defeating Patrick? Can she save Benjamin from his family? Or will she die like every other superhero who’s dared to challenge the cult?



Everyone knows the Rubicon is predestined for evil, and the alpha dragon does nothing to change their opinions of him. What they don’t know is that he harbors a secret, a secret that can set him free, but also trap him forever. Refusing to give in to that which can lead him to a path of freedom, Blake Leaf allows the darkness to attempt to claim his soul. But there is always a shining light somewhere, and sometimes it’s just too dark to see it. Will Blake find his way back to light, or is it too late for him? Darkbeam Part II is about the events of Thunderlight and Frostbite (Book 2 and 3 in The Dragonian Series) told from Blake Leaf’s point of view



An immortal, shape-changing alien seeking a reason for being…
A young woman on the brink of greatness…
Fu Hao, daughter of a chieftain, accepts the greatest of honors–to be one of King Wu Ding’s sixty wives–propelling her to power in the Shang Dynasty and into the annals of history.
No one speaks of the mysterious “amah” who attended Fu Hao from her first to last breath. More devoted than a mother and possessed of the wisdom of ages, the amah transforms a girl-child into a queen, high priestess, and warlord.

This is Fu Hao’s story. And this is the story of the long-forgotten seventeenth slave…
Readers of ancient history and fans of the Double Helix series will enjoy this blend of historical and speculative fiction, an unforgettable foray into the life of the Shang dynasty’s most remarkable woman, Lady Fu Hao.

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