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That just about sums up how the BookBub feature went. It was fantastic.

I made # 1 Bestseller in four categories and even came in at # 95 in the top hundred sales of ALL paid books at Amazon. Sure, it’s just for a short time. But nobody can take it away any more. I have a Besteller!
The reactions have been great too. Loads of you have sent me mails congratulating me and wishing me the best. I cannot stress how much this means to me. Thank you all. It has pushed me to finish the next book, and the one after that, and that… … 
Yep I’m completely motivated and not stopping any time soon. 
I have all you to thank for that. All my readers. Thank you, all of you. 

Two short years ago, I could never had dreamt that things would progress so quickly. I thought maybe, just maybe, a few hundred people would be interested in my book. Now, four books down the line, there are more than fifteen thousand people reading them. Boy, that’s unbelievable. 
The next book needs to be finished by the end of August. That’s quite a chore because it’s only half finished. Oeps. But the enormous energy that the past month has generated will push me on and make sure that I make my goal. I’m completely motivated. The story is forming in my head, I’m doing the research and getting the scenes down to paper (well digital…so virtual paper ) 
I’m on track, you can expect the sequel to The Beast Inside after the summer. 

Now that the holidays are starting, you could probably do with some good books. Read on and see if there are any to your liking. Or click on the link below and see what people are saying about the Primal Series.

Books, books and more books. 



“Simply superb. Filled with feelings, adventure, and emotion throughout.”

She’s hiding something dangerous. If the truth gets out, she’s dead.

In the world of the pure, outer perfection brings freedom. Those less than perfect are enslaved–or killed. Adira is pure, but she isn’t like the others.
One night changed everything.
Kidnapped by Dominus Kage, the leader of the shadow assassins, Adira will be forced into their world where there are two options: kill to survive…or die. Kage hates the pure. He should have killed Adira. Then why does he let her live?
As she uncovers secrets about the assassins everything Adira believed will be brought into question. Even her thoughts about Dominus Kage.

Is he a monster? Or is he the only person who can save her?


When Alyson Andrews was recruited to the FBI, she knew there was one reason.

Because she’s a dragon. The only dragon.

But when her latest investigation turns up not only foul play, but sacrificial rights, she’ll find herself racing to stop a murderer intent on sacrificing her friends.

Worse, if she doesn’t stop it in time, the gates of Hell will reopen and demons will walk the Earth.



Aviere Mye has two choices. Join the Renegades, or die before clearing her name.

Murder is serious business, and Aviere Mye is a top notch professional. Her work as a poisoner and apothecarian earned her a place in Charm City’s crime syndicate, and she’s looking forward to her retirement.

Except retiring isn’t so simple for this feline shifter.

After her boss is murdered using one of her trademark poisons, it sets the authorities on her trail. The hitmen aren’t far `behind them. Before she escapes, she’s taken hostage by a group of supernatural assassins, who give her a magical hitman for her protection.

Armed with her genius intellect and shifter abilities, her brothers, her trigger-happy partner Travis, and his hacker-for-hire Peters, Mye sets out to apprehend the culprit and clear her name with the syndicate. She has seven days to complete her assignment before her tracking bracelet explodes.

But there’s another problem.

Travis and Peters might kill her first.?


“They say once you go dark, you don’t go back. That remains true for me.”

“I’m Lady Isra, the most ferocious villain in the land or so I hear. The people say a lot about me. They say I am heartless, cold and wicked. But they don’t know what made me this way. I lost love becoming trapped in the throes of darkness.”
“I’m isolated in this world. I’ve taken the power of a dragon. I’ve cast a spell upon myself so that only those who possess the ability of magic can feast their eyes upon
“But now I’ve met him. This magnificent being. He’s a raven. I can’t help but admire him. Astrid, now what a handsome fellow. I don’t know where he will take me but I’m curious to step into his claws.”
A witch drawn to the dark world that’s only going to go darker. A tale of magic and romance. Perfect for fans of fairy tales and Disney.

Isra Sravenheart, USA Today Best Selling Author takes you into a world where a witch reigns supreme in her fortress while her pet raven, Astrid shows her what true companionship can be.



Duty vs Desire. Loyalty vs Love. Heaven vs Hell. When the stakes are this high, does love stand a chance?
Disgraced and demoted for two thousand years, Charouth has one final mission before regaining her status as one of Heaven’s Elite; criss-cross the globe in search of five rare artifacts to prevent Satan’s escape from Hell.
A random underground skirmish puts her face to face with Satan’s top relic hunter and her ex-lover, Azazel. For centuries, she mourned his death. Now he’s alive and well and all too eager to rekindle their relationship. She wants to trust him, but centuries in Satan’s service has taken its toll. He’s not the man she once loved.

Two thousand years ago, their passion defied Heaven and Hell. Will love blossom again, or will ancient allegiances tear them apart forever?



Georgia Pearce possesses remarkable psychic abilities. When she discovers an ancient dagger hidden in her workshop, she knows it can only mean one thing. Trouble.

Trouble arrives in the form of Zak Goodwin, an entity more powerful – and definitely sexier – than any she’s come across before. However, when a horde of dangerous vampires show up and threaten Georgia and her sister, she has no choice but to ask Zak for help.

Along with a shifter cop, a band of vampire warriors, and her own psychic skills, Georgia sets out to stop the awakening of an immortal vampire who has the power to destroy the world — and discovers that staying alive isn’t nearly as dangerous as falling in love.

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