Monique Singleton

Author of Primal Nature

Cover Primal Nature

Monique Singleton, author.

Exciting fantasy rooted in today’s reality.

Though she definitely is a contemporary writer, Monique Singleton expertly plays with timelines in her stories. She is an Urban Fantasy writer who doesn’t shun the confrontation between her reader and herself.

In her stories, she weaves probing plotlines in the overriding and compelling themes of this era.
In doing so she not only writes intriguing and exciting Urban Fantasy, but she also constantly confronts the reader with his or her own vision of the times we lives in.

The reader identifies fully with the unique stories because of Monique’s contemporary approach to Urban Fantasy. She offers a form of exciting fantasy that is well rooted in today’s reality in contrast to tales played out in a completely self-designed world with equally fictitious character types.

Cover Primal Nature
“Incredible yet totally believable because of the use of perspective. Be warned though: both the story and the style made it hard to put the book down. I wanted to finish the book in 1 go.”
Caspar Lauwerijssen

’I still don´t know why I am what I am. There was no poisonous spider, or mythical animal bite, no radiation from a meteoroid as the catalyst or anything dramatic like that: nothing that I can label ‘The Reason’.